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Upcoming events/releases/screenings-

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I am going away for a bit, but I wanted to post some exciting events/screenings/releases:
Changeable Weather New Audio Release on Green Field Recordings-7/5/13
Three Harmonies from Suzhou screened with Sonic Circuits-7/27/13 at Pyramid Atlantic
Dog Daze Festival at Union Arts, Washington D.C August 2 and 3rd. More info soon

Still from the film Three Harmonies from Suzhou

china still: 52

Multimedia Event next Friday in Washington D.C.

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I am going to be screening live Super 8 projection next week with sounds by Layne Garrett and lights by Khristian Weeks. More soon

Friday, Jan 25, 2013 @crittenden

indoor/outdoor multimedia eggstravaganza

music by
Jenny Moon Tucker
Pony Payroll Bones
Tangent of Safety
Slut Walk

sound/light by Khristian Weeks/Layne Garrett w/ films by Chris Lynn

video by Jane Claire Remick

alleyway fabric installation by Sarah Murphy

Dru’s homebrew on tap

come on time, this thing can’t go late

$5 donation
the still is taken from the 2007 film Lyrics Remembered