Chris H. Lynn is a moving image maker, sound artist, educator, and curator. His digital images and Super 8 films incorporate the subtle rhythms of movement, light, and sound in urban and rural landscapes. (many of these landscapes include China, where he has filmed extensively since 2008). His work has been screened and exhibited in a variety of venues around the globe and has recently been featured in the book Cinema and the AudioVisual Imagination published by I.B Tauris and Bourgeon EBook: Sixty Five Artists Write About Their Work .
His sound work consists of field recordings, minimal compositions and audio from his films. These recordings have been documented and released on various net labels and appeared on radio programs worldwide. Chris also curated the Experimental Film Program Urban/Rural Landscapes for the Utopia Film Festival in Greenbelt, Maryland from 2005 until 2015. He has also curated the 2010 Takoma Park/Silver Spring Experimental Film Festival. He was the filmmaker in residence at the Hyattsville Library in Maryland from 1/15 to 9/15

To get a complete listing of his screenings go here.

For screenings, curating, or speaking engagements send a message to:

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  1. Dominic Angerame

    Hi , I think your work (Ships Passing…) will do well in Havana and I am going to suggest that it be shown in the festival. I will let you know real soon when things are finalized. Cannot findBaoying Windows.



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