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Unquiet Meadow and Hypnagogic Garden

A special thanks to WSFM’s Unquiet Meadow for playing a track from the new Lynlee release Words in the Wind. Here is the link for the playlist.
Also would like to thank Hynagogic Garden for playing a few tracks from my solo work as well. Looks like they do a weekly show on field recordings Check it out here Have a listen!
Tracks featured:
On the Lagan from Lynlee-Words in the Winds: Sounds on Plus Timbre
Shoreline around Dusk from Changeable Weather on Green Field Recordings
Rockville Afternoon from Summer Storms on Green Field Recordings

Words in the Winds: Sounds released on Plus Timbre

I am very excited to announce that Words in the Winds: Sounds is now available for your listening pleasure on Plus Timbre. Here are some of the details:

‘Words in the Winds : Sounds’ is the new collaborative series by
Chris Lynn and Una Lee. The project rose from recognising that
we as field recordists often try our best to disguise our presence
within the sound recordings despite the fact that their mere
existence implies the involvement of human activity. As a result,
we started to mark our presence through reciting our original
haikus and poems, whilst making the field recordings, the
content of which were based on or inspired by our sonic
Each track effectively contains a short poem written and recited
either by Chris or Una, which would be sent to the other who in
exchange would create an accompaniment whether in a musical
format such as piano or vocal improvisation or with another piece
of field recording as a response.
This process is an evolved version of several projects previously
and currently conducted by the duo, such as ‘Miniature
Landscape Correspondences’ and ‘Word in the Winds’, the word/
image-based project in which an image was sent from one to the
other person who subsequently would respond to it with a short

More on this release in the near future. Big thanks to Una and Plus Timbre

Have a listen below