Digital Video

A Season Close to Mountains (2022)
Atlantic Views 1-6 (2022)
The rain in a new place (2022)
Six views of an early morning in June (2022)
Landscape Tempos 31-39 (2021)
Chesapeake views form Late February and early April (2021)
River thoughts (2020)
Landscape Tempos 25-30(2020)
A Season close to Mountains (2020)
Morning in Larrabee (2019)
Scenes from 10 Walks (2018)
Tuesday evening in Jianye (2018)
Landscape Tempos 17-24 (2018)
A Path Deepened by Bell Sounds (2018)
Summer wind on Xuanwu Lake (2018)
In the Evenings Slow Ships would Emerge (2018)
A Season Close to Mountains (2017)
Landscape Tempos 8-16(2017)
Views from the Alpes Maritimes (2017)
Wednesday Lesson (2017)
Jianye Window (2016)
Landscape Tempo 1-7 2016
November Views From Nice (2016)
From Chance to Deal (2015)
Sunrise over Purple Mountain (2015)
Tongjing (2015)
Views from Lake Geneva (2015)
Jiangning at Night(2014)
Baoying Window (2014)
Afternoon in Jiming Temple (2014)
Narita Morning (2014)
Ships Passing on the Huangpu River (2013)
Winter views from Le Havre(2013)
Suzhou Studio (2012)
Suzhou Silk (2012)
People’s Park Reverie (2012)
Afternoon Rain in Nanjing (2012)
Reconstructing Scenic Views from Chinese Landscape Painting (2011)
Notes from a late Spring (2011) super 8 film  for Classwar Karaoke series
G7034 (2010)
Dream Within A Dream  (2011)
Lianyungang (2010)
Storm in Siyang (2009)
Three Harmonies from Suzhou (2009)
A Winter’s Tale (2009)
Nanjing Sunday (2008)
France 1 Divers (2008)
MD Songs 1 (2007)
Clouds and the Docklands (2006)
Winter Movement 1 (2005)
Autumn Movement 1 (2005)
Reading Rilke (2004)

Journal Of Drifting Hours- (Super 8 Films)

Blue Ridge (2022)
The air, the creek, the leaves (2022)
For the instant glance of the moon (2022)
A chasm and the summer sun (2022)
A bridge beckons (2021)
The light of early spring (2021)
The path , the pines, the pines, the path (2021)
The sea and the woods, the woods and the sea (2021)
A river and a small mountain (2021)
A few days in late October (2020)
Hills of summer and a late afternoon on the bay (2020)
Windows and the Mediterranean sea (2020)
November in Oceanside (2020)
Summer unstill (2019)
November afternoon (2019)
The Blue of a winter sky (2019)
Bellingham Wood (2018)
On the way to tofino (2018)
In a Norman Garden (2018)
Beyond the Banks of the Potomac (2018)
Branches along the Trail (2018)
Chairs 2 and 3 (2017)
Lakeside (2017)
Train to Solitude Waves (2017)
A Windy Season (2017)
December in Normandie (2016)
The Waves of Allasio (2016)
March in Nice (2016)
In Shanghai (2016)
Heavy Snow in Silver Spring (2016)
Nice Windows and Seaviews(2016)
Late Autumn, Early Winter (2015)
Paw Paw Trail (2015)
Juin (2015)
Afternoons in Montpellier (2015)
Winter Trees(2015)
Purley (2014)
Morning at Xuanwu Lake (2014)
November Sunday (2013)
Carderock Sunday(2012)
A Meeting Place (2012)
London 5 (2007)
Afternoon Song (2004)


Visiting the house I grew up in (2022) Voice and music: Una Lee. Text: Liska Pleines
Dialogues 1-4 (2020 -2022) with Una Lee and Daniel Barbiero
Cobalt Coloured Wind (2017) with Una Lee
Miniature Landscape Correspondence with Una Lee-Ongoing
Black Canary (2014) AudioVisual Poem with Una Lee-Text Peter Wullen
NorthNorthEast (2014) with Marcus Beuter
A Rolling Mind (2013)  with Una Lee
The Door to the Falls (2012)  with Daniel Barbiero

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