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New Audio-Wenona (Audio 51)

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Here is an excerpt from a new project I am currently working on. This is a site specific audiovisual journey that has kept me busy the last month or so. This endeavor will feature landscape studies, field recordings, piano/objects , and super 8 films. More details in the coming days.
This is a work-in progress title.
The sounds were played on the Chance Piano

The Old East Coast featured on Framework Radio-Edition 520. Update with links

Tracks from my latest release The Old East Coast will be featured on this week’s Framework radio program. The show will air on Sunday, July 19th at 11pm on Resonance Radio in London.
Other artists in the program include:
Yannick Dauby
Emanuele Costantini
Flavien Gillié
Felicity Ford
Barry Cullen
Espaces Sonores
Looking forward to hearing this!

Narita Morning (Before the Planes)

impulsive cover

Here is a field recording from a few years back. This track appeared on the World Listening Project’s 2013 edition. As I am planning to participate in the 2015 edition, I thought I would share this piece. The sounds were recorded in Narita, Japan around 5 AM. The planes had not invaded the audiovisual space yet, so there is  a feeling of tranquility. There were a few people walking and exercising near the bamboo forest, but for the most part I was alone in this landscape. I remained in this spot for about three hours, documenting the dramatic contrast in the visual and sound environments. A track appeared on my Impulsive Habitat release and a short film was made.

Here is a link to the World Listening Project-

Be sure to check out Angus Carlye and Rupert Cox’s work on Narita and the work of Shinsuke Ogawa.

Super 8 still 83