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Nuit Blanche (Art All Night) in Washington D.C on 9/27/14

van 3 003056;21 sunset                                                                                                                                                               I am projecting a few of my films on a building in North Capitol Street tomorrow night. Thanks to the people at Art All Night (Nuit Blanche) in North Capitol for inviting me to do this. This will be a really fun night.

Here are plenty of links to check out the event

NorthNorthEast and Ships Passing screened at the Experi-Mental Festival in New York City on 10/29/14

NorthNorthEast and Ships Passing on the Huangpu River will be screened on 9/29/14 at the Spectrum in Brooklyn, NY. This is part of the Experi-Mental festival in NY City. The event is curated by Jim Tuite. NorthNorthEast  is the third collaboration  with German sound artist Marcus Beuter.  I composed the visuals and Marcus did the audio. Here is a link to the festival.  Preview is below

Radio sounds and clapping hands around Xuanwu Lake, early morning (Audio 33)

If you spend any time in Nanjing, China you will find the lakes are very active with people and sounds. Over the years, I have collected quite a number of recordings(audiovisual) from Xuanwu Lake and Mochou Lake.  This recording is from Xuanwu lake around 6:30 am after a morning run

xuanwu lake 1

china still 90

Lake series (audio) 1