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Heritage Film Festival

I was really pleased to see O.Funmilayo Makarah mentioned in this series. I’ve had the privilege of knowing her and being part of the Heritage Film festival series since its inception. She is an exceptional filmmaker and curator who is still open to new ideas  in cinema and video. Here are a few articles about the groundbreaking work she and other filmmakers were doing at UCLA a few years back-

Moving Image Source

LA Times
and something on the Heritage Film festival  here

check out her work if you can!

Great Resources for new sounds

Afternoon Traces was mentioned this week in  Kulturterrorismus a webzine for neoclassical, ambient industrial, and noise based in Europe. I spent the afternoon listening to  number of works-Tremendous sounds

I also discovered Morning Trees was mentioned in the blog The Easy Pace. According to their page-The Easy Pace posts the possibilities of good listening in a Creative Commons environment. Both sites are designed and curated with care and offer listeners a great way to discover incredible music and artists for free!  Check them out!

Pyramid Atlantic Screening! October 27th

Some info on the screening at Pyramid Atlantic- Experimental Films in the Gallery

Event: Movie night
Date: Thursday, October 27
Time: 7 pm
Enjoy a night of experimental landscape films from Chris Lynn and moving image makers around the globe as well as (by popular demand!) the winning entries from theInter-American
Pyramid Atlantic • 8230 Georgia Ave • Silver Spring • MD • 20910