Analysis, Reviews, Miscellany

Below are links to interviews, thoughts and  commentary on my individual work and collaborations over the years. I am sure I neglected a few things and some blogs/websites have sadly disappeared.I will try to update this page frequently. Thanks to everyone who has spent time with my work.


River Thoughts in Top 10 of 2020 in  L’Emergere Del Possibile
River Thoughts review in L’Emergere Del Possibile
Robert Robertson-Cinema and the Audiovisual Imagination (Print)
Moving Image Artist Notes on Landscape filming as a creative practice
Bourgeon  A view from Baoying Window
Toneshift-Configurations with Clouds and Sea Air
HyperAllergic-Miniature Landscape Correspondence with Una Lee at Apex  Art
New York Times-Miniature Landscape Correspondence with Una Lee at Apex Art
L’Emergere Del Possibile-Scenes From 10 Walks 
We need no Swords-Verz Imprint Configurations with Clouds and Sea Air
L’Emergere Del Possibile- Kaleoidshock #2
British Library-Sound and Vision-Inspired by Flickr
L’Emergere Del Possibile-Train to Solitude Waves
Buffet of Loathsome-Qixia
L’Emergere Del Possibile-From Chance to Deal
A Closer Listen-The Rain that Fell
L’Emergere Del Possibile-Winter trees
Lux Atenea-Lynlee 1314 with Una Lee
L’Emergere Del Possibile-Late Autumn, Early Winter
Ocatillo Audiovisual-Summer Trilogy
I frammenti di cultura di Tony Graffio-Kaleidoshock 2: il diario di viaggioL’Emergere DelKaleidoshock 2: il diario di viaggioL’Emergere DelPossibile Baoying Window
DCIST-Restless Journeys
L’Emergere Del Possibile-Liguria
Justnotnormal-The Clouds Have Settled in
L’Emergere Del Possibile-Waves of Allasio
Musica Selection-The Clouds Have Settled In
Disquiet-An Asynchronous Collaboration
L’Emergere Del Possibile-Index   
Keep Moving Flow-Moving text
Moving Poems-Black Canary
ATA-Review of Her Tail Cut in Two program
Perfect Sound Forever-Noise along the Potomac
Field Reporter-Sonic Field Radio
Just Outside-Augmented Landscapes with Daniel Barbiero
WPA-Experimental Media Series

DCIST-Experimental Media Series