Analysis, Reviews, Miscellany

Below are links to interviews, thoughts and  commentary on my individual work and collaborations over the years. I am sure I neglected a few things and some blogs/websites have sadly disappeared.I will try to update this page frequently. Thanks to everyone who has spent time with my work.


L’Emergere Del Possibile- River thoughts
Robert Robertson-Cinema and the Audiovisual Imagination (Print)
Moving Image Artist Notes on Landscape filming as a creative practice
Bourgeon  A view from Baoying Window
Toneshift-Configurations with Clouds and Sea Air
HyperAllergic-Miniature Landscape Correspondence with Una Lee at Apex  Art
New York Times-Miniature Landscape Correspondence with Una Lee at Apex Art
L’Emergere Del Possibile-Scenes From 10 Walks 
We need no Swords-Verz Imprint Configurations with Clouds and Sea Air
L’Emergere Del Possibile- Kaleoidshock #2
British Library-Sound and Vision-Inspired by Flickr
L’Emergere Del Possibile-Train to Solitude Waves
Buffet of Loathsome-Qixia
L’Emergere Del Possibile-From Chance to Deal
A Closer Listen-The Rain that Fell
L’Emergere Del Possibile-Winter trees
Lux Atenea-Lynlee 1314 with Una Lee
L’Emergere Del Possibile-Late Autumn, Early Winter
Ocatillo Audiovisual-Summer Trilogy
I frammenti di cultura di Tony Graffio-Kaleidoshock 2: il diario di viaggioL’Emergere DelKaleidoshock 2: il diario di viaggioL’Emergere DelPossibile Baoying Window
DCIST-Restless Journeys
L’Emergere Del Possibile-Liguria
Justnotnormal-The Clouds Have Settled in
L’Emergere Del Possibile-Waves of Allasio
Musica Selection-The Clouds Have Settled In
Disquiet-An Asynchronous Collaboration
L’Emergere Del Possibile-Index   
Keep Moving Flow-Moving text
Moving Poems-Black Canary
ATA-Review of Her Tail Cut in Two program
Perfect Sound Forever-Noise along the Potomac
Field Reporter-Sonic Field Radio
Just Outside-Augmented Landscapes with Daniel Barbiero
WPA-Experimental Media Series

DCIST-Experimental Media Series