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Alternative Topographies: February 2 – March 20 at SU Art Galleries

This exhibition starts next week at Salisbury University. I am really thrilled to be included.

Alternative Topographies: February 2 – March 20

chris lynnChris Lynn

An Exploration of Place(s) Real, Imagined, Representational and Abstract.

This time-based media exhibition takes the broad idea of topography to delve into questions about place: how we define place; the roles we play in the preservation and transformation of place; and how place is represented in our memories, imaginations and shifting experiences of reality.

MEDIA INSTALLATION:  Electronic Gallery, TETC 128, open 7 days a week, 8a.m.- 8p.m.

Artists include:  Alejandro Acierto, Kristen Anchor, Matt Dombrowski, Stephen Ellis, Johanna Evans-Colley, Felix Frederick, Adam Hurwitz, Ron Lambert, Christine Lucy Latimer, Chris Lynn, Edward Morin, Paul Shortt and Filippo Tagliati.

Link is here

Filmmaker in Residence at the Hyattsville Library

photo 16

I was really excited to be asked by the Creative Edge and the Hyattsville library branch to be their Filmmaker in Residence for the spring session. I will be leading and facilitating discussions after our monthly screenings, doing a bit of curating, and in May will showcase my own work. The other night we had a nice turnout considering the snow. More info on the Creative Edge here

Screening tonight at Anthology Film Archives! Experimental documentaries: Chris Bravo, Ann Deborah Levy, Chris Lynn and Leandro Listorti


buddist nun nanjing temple

Curated by Tova Beck-Friedman in her on-going series that explores short experimental documentary works, this program features short films and videos about “place” — rural, urban, historic and/or contemporary — in a variety of locations in the US, the Czech Republic, China, and Uruguay. All of the filmmakers explore their subjects in distinct visual ways and approach their soundtracks imaginatively utilizing location sounds, studio recordings, manufactured sounds, and/or silence.

The Program:

Chris Bravo, IN HABITAT, shot at various sites of the Occupation movement in 2012, including Zuccotti park, Wall St, and on Occupied farm sites in upstate NY, In Habitat is a response to the political interpretations of occupation, and investigates the intersections of different forms of occupation.

Ann Deborah Levy, ON THE TRAIN TO KUTNA HORA…AND BACK, images of the Czech countryside, shot from train windows with a point-and-shoot camera, are transformed by changing weather and light and when overlaid by reflections at sunset.

Ann Deborah Levy, SPECTATOR(S), caught by another “spectator’s” camera, visitors observe, enjoy, or ignore their surroundings — one of the world’s most infamous, yet beloved structures — as the memory of the spectators of antiquity casts a shadow.

Ann Deborah Levy, RAIN PAINTING, raindrops, striking the car windows, “paint” the landscape beyond in a variety of textures and moods as the camera documents three realities: the landscape outside, rain patterns on the window surface, and the space inside the car.

Chris Lynn, SHIPS PASSING ON THE HUANGPU RIVER, images of ships recorded in the same location in Shanghai at different time periods from 2008 to 2013 drift in and out of the frame towards their unknown destination.

Chris Lynn, AFTERNOON AT JIMING TEMPLE, an audiovisual document of an afternoon spent in a Buddhist temple in Nanjing, China where rhythm, light, and sound create a contemplative mood during high summer.

Leandro Listorti, MONTEVIDEO, the capital of Uruguay reveals, briefly, its characteristic of a Doppelgänger City: a single place cut in two spaces where two pairs of creatures explore the limits of the travelogue.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 – 18:00
Anthology Film Archives

Winter events-Updates!!


Here are some exciting events I will be taking part in the next few months.

1/16/15-03/12/15-Miniature Landscape Correspondance will be included in The Sensations of Tone exhibit curated by ALastair Noble at the Apexart Gallery in NYC- months. Go Here

1/27/15- Ships Passing on The Huangpu River and Afternoon in Jiming Temple at the Anthology Film Archives in NY City. This is part of Tova Beck-Friedman’s Experimental Documentary Series. Link is here

1/26/15 to 5/30/15- Filmmaker in Residence at the Hyattsville Library in Maryland. More details on this soon.

2/2 2015-3/20 2015 Alternative Topographies: an exploration of place(s) real, imagined, representational and abstract-more soon

03/12 Visiting Artist, Salisbury University Arts Department. There will be a Super 8 and video screening along with a lecture

Also Impulsive Habitat release!
Look for more info on all of these exciting events soon and possibly other news.

Foot Notes : On the Sensation of Tone, Opening Night at Apexart Gallery in NY City

A wonderful time at the opening of the Foot Notes: On the Sensation of Tone exhibition curated by Alastair Noble. A special and heartfelt thanks to the Gallery staff and owner Steven Rand. The attendance was high from start to finish and everyone seemed intrigued by all of the work on display. It was also a great opportunity for me to experience and engage in other sound works by Ed Osbourne, Chris Watson, Annea Lockwood,Robert Macfarlane and David Rothenberg. I definitely will be going back! The exhibition runs until March 7, if you are in New York, check it out!

More photos here





Foot Notes: On The Sensations of Tone at the Apex Art Gallery Tomorrow !

B7PUR0zIIAAoIIt Organized by Alastair Noble Featuring Una Lee Annea Lockwood Chris H. Lynn Robert Macfarlane Ed Osborn David Rothenberg Chris Watson Field recordings have proliferated in recent years due to the availability and portability of high quality recording equipment, enticing composers and sound artists to take their studios to the edge of the wilds or down the street. Foot Notes: On the Sensations of Tone, an audio and visual art exhibition organized by environmental/installation artist Alastair Noble, features 9 composers and sound artists whose works map, record, and respond to their natural environment be they urban or wild.

Foot Notes: On The Sensations of Tone at the Apex Art Gallery in NY City January 15-March 7th

I am really excited that the ongoing Miniature Landscape Correspondence project that Una Lee and I created is going to be part of this wonderful sound event curated by Alistair Noble.
Here is the link and some very insightful text on the Miniature Landscape Correspondence:

Another international venture is built with field recordings, the source of the raw unedited audio-visual postcards or Miniature Landscape Correspondences (2013), a collaborative project between Una Lee in South Korea and Chris H. Lynn in the United States. This again relies on a two-way call-and-response process of on-site audio recordings, coupled with a steady visual and audio rhythm. These reflect the direct experience of the everyday from each vantage point of the correspondent. The unassuming public spaces are captured to relay an intimate association for a private missive between friends. Short, without text, just two video shots with recording of urban or natural sites, no narrative or texts are recorded; it is purely the transmission of an atmosphere by each party. Here, poetic moments of image and sound convey all. Initially, current social networking sound bytes are conjured up with these very short audio visual videos, however they more closely resemble 19th century epistles between fellow poets. Once again the ruminations of Coleridge come to mind in which his communiqués transform his reader through poetic verse.
Text: Alastair Noble
Other amazing performers and artist include:
Annea Lockwood
Robert Macfarlane
Ed Osborne
David Rothenberg
Chris Watson
George Quasha and Chuck Stein

Above is a new MLC just published.
More exciting events on the way!