Here are some photos and the guide to the MLC’s in Italy a few months ago


Lynlee is a collaborative creative team of two sound artists, Chris H. Lynn and Una Lee. Both mainly work with field recording as material for their compositions. Their collaboration consists of exchange of recordings, making re-mix tracks with each other’s work, and also audio visual creations.
Below is a compilation of Lynlee’s work in 2013 which appeared on various compilations. Have a listen!

1. The Day ends Softly
2. Beauty was Everywhere
3. Mongsang
4. A Taste of Rainy Dawn
5. Warm Saturday
6. So Long July
7. Abstract Absurdism.

Also, Chris and Una are hosting a video page with their ongoing audiovisual project Miniature Landscape Correspondence.
The Miniature Landscape Correspondence series is an audio visual
collaboration between Una Lee (South Korea) and Chris H Lynn (United
States). Each correspondence or observation is composed of two shots, one from each
continent. The films are a homage to the Lumière brothers and the early days of
cinema. In addition, these unassuming landscape moments (shots, views)
coupled with a steady visual rhythm will hopefully reflect the direct experience of the everyday.

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