Monthly Archives: January 2016


After a quiet, but busy autumn (mostly teaching) the new year is really starting to pick-up. Lynlee now has their own website. We both felt it was time to finally get this off the ground. Look for a new project soon along with our MLC’s and sound exchanges… Check it out here super 810 I am also  involved in  some exciting events/works/collaborations for the late winter and spring. More on those in the upcoming weeks.

Super 8 still:86

New Miniature Landscape Correspondence 15

The Miniature Landscape Correspondence series is an audio visual
collaboration between Una Lee and Chris H Lynn . Each correspondence or observation is composed of two shots, one from each
continent. The films are a homage to the Lumière brothers and the early days of
cinema. In addition, these unassuming landscape moments (shots, views)
coupled with a steady visual rhythm will hopefully reflect the direct experience of the everyday.