Monthly Archives: July 2022

A Tale of Two Bays

I am thrilled to share a new release with Hiroko Komiya: A Tale of Two Bays

A tale of two bays is a blended audible view of two historic bays: the Chesapeake bay in Maryland, USA and Tokyo bay in Tokyo, Japan. Both recordings occur on a spring day and are mostly unembellished. They present the listener with a brief moment to enter these watery spaces and create their own tale. This is the first composition in an ongoing project.

A tale of two bays. -二つの湾の物語-。米国メリーランド州のチェサピーク湾と、日本の首都圏に囲まれた東京湾。これら二つの湾が過ごしてきた長い長い時間、そして聴こえてくる風景が重なってできた曲。現在進行中のプロジェクトにおける第一弾目の曲です。