New Collaboration with Hiroko Komiya: Rendevous Cycles


I am thrilled and honored  to share a new track  with Japanese  Sound Artist Hiroko Komiya. Our collaboration has produced quite a few tracks, but we felt Rendezvous Cycles  is the most fitting since the Brood X cicada phenomena  is slowly winding down here on the East Coast.  Look for more  sounds in the future. Here is some info on the wonderful Brood X cicadas

Some info on Hiroko here 

and one of her releases here

Hiroko is currently based in Italy.


Field Recordings in Perfect Sound Forever

Fascinating and brilliant article in Perfect Sound Forever by Daniel Barbiero on Field Recordings. A few tracks from my work Qixia, which was released on Impulsive Habitat a few years ago, are mentioned in the Appendix, along with other wonderful artists. Go here to read: Lots to contemplate.

You can listen to Qixia here

Deep gratitude to Dan and Perfect Sounds Forever.