blue ridge

Blue Ridge is a silent b/w super 8 film from the ongoing Journal of Drifting Hours series: Drifting moments, lyrical passages, memory impulses, landscape studies and visual notations explored on super 8 film. This footage was recorded in North Carolina and Maryland during the Autumn of 2021

blue ridge from Chris H. Lynn on Vimeo.

Sounds now heard as song 11

Here is my latest in the sounds series. Most of these tracks have appeared on this website or on compilations, but I thought I should finally give them a proper release. Quite a few of the tracks go back to 2011-2014. Track 3 was recorded recently. Enjoy and thanks for listening.

River Thoughts (Free Streaming)

Hello, My film River Thoughts, which is currently on Vimeo on Demand, is free to stream for one week. Have a look. 

River Thoughts:
River Thoughts is a lyrical journey through the city of Nanjing, China during the summer months. Modern architecture, urban landscapes, melodies of folk songs, rainy villages, and studies of the Yangtze river are carefully blended together to create a visual and aural tapestry of the city. In addition, the super 8 film, A few days in October,  from the Journal of Drifting Hours series was added at the end. Both were premiered in January 2021.
A few Days in October:
Super 8 film/color/silent|2:03

Landscape Tempo 42

Landscape Tempos are audiovisual views (scenes, occurrences) that reflect the light, rhythm, and tempo of isolated moments in urban and rural landscapes. This tempo was shot in Maryland.

Atlantic Views

Atlantic views is an ongoing series that will observe various views/lights/sounds of the Atlantic Ocean. These two views are from late December. This project is in the early stages, so things could change. More soon.

Compilations from 2021

Below are two excellent compilations that I somehow missed to post when they were originally published. The first is a collection of Brood X Cicada sounds compiled by Sound Artist Slavek Kwi:

The second is a compilation put together by Rafael Torres for the Horizon Sound Series 002 called A Moment of Tranquility which features two Lynlee tracks

Massive thanks to Slavek, Rafael, and Una