Ima no oto 今の音  New track with Hiroko Komiya

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Here is the fourth published track with Hiroko: Ima no oto 今の音. This one was recorded on an early summer morning/late afternoon. From Hiroko:

Early summer day, it was our 2nd appointment of same timing recording. 
This Japanese title means “the sound of now”.Morning in Maryland, U.S. and late afternoon in Toscana Italy. In these distant places, we recorded the sound of that moment of that day. Field recording of the driving car and bird voice, etc. And acoustic sound of breathing and Russian harp. This track is a meeting of sound of that moment. More we will continue this series !

More to come.

Photo: Hiroko Komiya.

The light of early spring

New color super 8 film in the Journal of Drifting Hours series-

The light of early spring is a color super 8 film from the Journal of Drifting Hours series shot in Maryland, USA. The last three images were filmed at Rachel Carson’s house in Silver Spring, Md. 
Rachel Carson was an author, ecologist, and biologist whose writings launched the global environmentalist movement.
The Journal series: Drifting moments, lyrical passages, memory impulses, landscape studies and visual notations explored on super 8 film

New track with Hiroko Komiya: “Sonotoki, Anotoki” その時、あの時


Very excited to publish “Sonotoki, Anotoki”,  our most recent track.

From Hiroko:

One sunny Sunday afternoon, I was standing on the bay just hearing the waves.This day on the summer solstice, we had our first appointment of sound recording at the same timing.At 16pm in Ostuni Italy. At 10am in Maryland US.  We both made the recording of that time. This both sounds meeting will be mixed into new track. The sound of this moment from here and there, crossing over the sea and sky far distance.

Photo: Hiroko Komiya

Jiming Temple on WFMU/Rendevous Cycles with Hiroko Komiya for Cada instante como presente acumulado

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 8.57.50 AM

A really wonderful week. Massive thanks to Jesse Kaminsky and WFMU   for playing Jiming Temple afternoon   from my latest Sounds series on Neighbors Noise this week.  One of the best shows on radio ! You can listen and check out older sets as well.

My latest Sounds now heard as song is here-


Also deeply honored to be part of the  Temporada De Graduacion ceremony in Mexico. Massive thanks to Hiroko Komiya and all of the Artists involved for using Rendevous Cycles. Cada instante como presente acumulado / del 8 al 10 de julio 2021/ Museo de la Ciudad de Querétaro / Dirección y coreografía // Guyphytsy Aldalai / Música // Hiroko Komiya *Rendezvous Cycles de Hiroko Komiya y Chris H. Lynn.
More soon

“Then. and then….” そして,また そして….New track with Hiroko Komiya


I am happy to share “Then. and then….”A new track  with Hiroko Komiya. This longer  work is an audible journey that  blends different field recordings and instruments  to   create a sketchbook of invisible stories. This is our second published track with much more to come. Sit back and enjoy!

From Hiroko:
“Then. and then…”with Chris H Lynn. 2曲目リリース。この22分25秒の曲はフィールドレコ、インストゥルメンタルをミックス、移りゆく季節、モノの音、そこにある空気、記憶のような心象風景、見えないストーリーをスケッチブックにしてみました。”そして. またそして….”

Translated from Japanese:
“Then. And then …” with Chris H Lynn. The second song is released. This 22 minute 25 seconds long song is a mix of field recordings and instrumentals, made a sketchbook with the transition of seasons, the sounds of objects, the air there, the imaginary scenery like memories, and the invisible story. “Then. And then….”

Photo: Hiroko Komiya