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Framework Radio Edition 524-Tonight on Resonance FM

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I was really thrilled to be able to produce this week’s edition of Framework Radio(524) which highlights Maryland/DC sound artists. This also coincides with Sonic Circuits festival which begins later this week. Here is the track list:
00-4:14-Street Scene (Washington D.C) by Gary Rouzer
4:14-6:40 Green Line Metro (Ft. Totten to Takoma Park Md) by Phong Tran
6:41-12:14-Street Scene (Washington D.C) by Gary Rouzer
12:15-15:42 Eastmans (Chevy Chase, Washington D.C) Jeff Surak
15:43-20:06 Sandy Point, close to the Chesapeake Bay( Maryland) Chris H Lynn
20:07-25:30-In the studio (Washington D.C) Mei Mei Chang
25:31-28:34-Mckeldin Library mixed with Bay Siren (Maryland) Chris H Lynn
28:35-30:40-Red Line Metro (Takoma Park, Maryland) Phong Tran
30:41-32:00 Sandy Point, sounds of the Chesapeake Bay (Maryland) Chris H Lynn
32:01-37:10-Timed Telescope (Silver Spring, Maryland) Daniel Barbiero
37:11-40:00 Sudden shower on the Crescent Trail.(Silver Spring,
Maryland) Chris H Lynn
40:01-44:35 Fields (Ruxon and Roland Park, Maryland) Khristian Weeks
44:36-50:22 Secluded and Silent-Early Morning Recording, Montgomery
College.(Rockville, Maryland) Chris H Lynn
50:23-53:56 Annotations-(Silver Spring, Maryland) Chris H Lynn

Thanks Patrick!

Here is the Framework link

is the Resonance Radio link for those who do not live in London