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Streaming Film Festival Programs

The Streaming Film Festival in the Netherlands have announced their programs-

Reading Dream within a Dream will be included in the Visual Sessions program-here is a description of the program-

These visual sessions consist of films that focus on a detailed visual approach to capture a poetic or conceptual idea. Often, but not exclusively, sound or literature is at the base of the work.

Creative Commons-Net Labels

This is essential reading when it comes to the importance and value of archiving Net labels. I have already recommended a number of sites that promote net label artist and I will continue to do so. I have also been fortunate to have a number of my own works released on various net labels. The net label community remains one of the most exciting places to explore new and innovative music on the web; it would be a real pity if the artistic contributions of many were never archived. The curators who run many of these sites and blogs also need to be acknowledged and supported. Their discoveries are our rewards.

Reading Dream within a Dream screened at the Streaming Film Festival in the Netherlands December 1-18th

I am pleased to announce that Reading Dream Within a Dream will be screened at the Streaming Film Festival at the Hague, Netherlands. This can be viewed online from December 1-18th-I will be posting more links soon-This is a description of the festival-

The Streaming Festival is an art event for independent artists exhibiting unconventional audiovisual art from all over the world.
This event takes place once a year.
In addition to this, every month a video program is streamed online. These programs each have their own theme and concept. Their link is here