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Between the words, Beyond the words with Hiroko Komiya and Yif


Between the words, Beyond the words is a new collaboration with Hiroko Komiya and Yif from the Silence series. This was a joy to record.
From Hiroko:
This meeting with her was very special in the forest. I talked with her about moon, poem, songs, and silence. Then I recorded her voice by the river and camp fire.
I will never forget the full moon sky we saw together one night. Thanks to Yif for this collaboration with her voice and text. This track is a combination of voice recording and Chris’s instrumental performance. This series of voices will continue.

Photo and Recording of Voice: Hiroko Komiya

Voice and Text: Yif

Instruments: Chris H. Lynn

Full Text below from Yif:

Between the words
A pauses between inhale and exhale,
silence exists.
( )Empty, infinite.
Before to get to the next word –
the next moment,
before the spoon touches the teacup,
lonely traveler,
how much time it takes?

Beyond the words
The noise weaves a wall of sound,
surrounded by it, so crowded,
so crowded until every note loses its meaning.
The huge noise melts everything,
— no different anymore,
there is silence.

In the silence, you can hear the subtlest sound and it becomes the loudest. Those vibrating
frequencies make silence exist. At the same time, this blank Ness of silence is where the
Sound becomes visible.

And out of the silence? Maybe it’s the sound of black hole, where silence gives up on itself
and swallowed up.

Listen carefully.
The time is dropping,
so sharp, brush my eyes,
so gently, melt one ice cream.

Silence may be a minimalist aesthetic. It tends to be extreme, encompassing, and emotional.

Listen deeply
–some pieces of silence

“Emptiness/Silence is the ultimate order.” -Jiddu Krishnamurti

“The Next Best Sound to Silence.” -ECM

In the book “But Beautiful – A Book About Jazz”, there is a description of the piano master
Keith Jarrett under ECM:
“…he’s music effects time as a snow fall effects sound, replacing what was noticeable with
an absence more strongly felt than what is normally so perceptibly present.”

For The exhibition ” Ryuichi Sakamoto: seeing sound, hearing time ” in Beijing, –Ryuichi
Sakamoto sends words:
“… I hope that Chinese audiences can also enjoy the boundary between sound and noise, the
boundary between sound and silence, and the separation between sound and image through
the works.”

The rain in a new place

the rain in a new place
DV/Color/ 5:11/ Silent
Location: Jiangsu Province, China
The rain in a new place was originally composed and edited for the 5 x 5 event where five filmmakers created films for Sergie Prokofiev’s Quintet in G minor for the Riverdale Chamber Music Society which featured University of Maryland’s School of Music faculty and students. This production was a live event held at the Riverdale Mansion in Maryland, April 2016. Here is the silent version of the video. Some of the images appeared in my earlier films shot in Jiangsu Province, China. Enjoy!