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New dialogues 4

I am excited to share a new installment of the dialogue series. Big thanks to Una Lee and Daniel Barbiero. Have a look.

Score: Daniel Barbiero
Original text and narration: Una Lee and Chris H Lynn.
Dialogues is an exchange of poems, letters, or notes that are presented as voice- overs. Each narration is accompanied with the same landscape

Kyuja Bae’s A dance of trauma and How to carry stones in us with the Sky Dancers.

Really thrilled and moved that “Then. and then…” my collaborative sound piece with Hiroko Komiya was used for Kyuja Bae’s powerful and moving Butoh performance A dance of trauma and her performance with the Sky performers How to carry stones in us. I posted the two videos below. Here is some info about Kyuja, a Norway based interdisciplinary artist and her collaborators, Check it out.

A dance of trauma:

Dance: Kyuja BaeĀ 

Video: Vegard Landsverk 

Music: Then.and then by Chris H Lynn & Hiroko Komiya

Editing: Ioannis Lelakis

Arigatou to Hiroko and Kyuja Bae