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Landscape Tempos 31-39

Landscape Tempos are audiovisual views (scenes, occurrences) that reflect the rhythm and tempo of isolated moments in urban and rural landscapes. The locations for these tempos include: Rhode Island, USA; Washington, USA; Maryland, USA; Alencon, France; Nanjing, China.

New Collaboration with Hiroko Komiya: Rendevous Cycles 循環する出逢い


I am thrilled and honored  to share a new track  with Japanese  Sound Artist Hiroko Komiya. Our collaboration has produced quite a few tracks, but we felt Rendezvous Cycles  is the most fitting since the Brood X cicada phenomena  is slowly winding down here on the East Coast.  Look for more  sounds in the future. Here is some info on the wonderful Brood X cicadas

Some info on Hiroko here 

and one of her releases here

Hiroko is currently based in Italy.