Curatorial Work

Listening to Landscapes program 9/20/18
Utopia Film Festival-Urban and Rural Landscapes program in Greenbelt, Md 2005-2014
Sonic Circuits film and video programs  11/13-12/14
Takoma Park/Silver Spring Md Experimental Film Festival May 6,7,8, 2010.

Below are some of  fliers for the Sonic Circuits and Utopia screenings:
Urban-Rural 8 2014 Flyer
Urban-Rural 7 Utopia 2013 Flyer

Pyramid Apr 20 2013 Flyer

Pyramid Apr 13 2013 Flyer

Pyramid Mar 2013 Flyer

 Pyramid Feb 9 2013 FlyerPyramid Jan 26 2013 Flyerpyramid-2012-flyerpyramidnov24

Below are the Urban Rural programs for Utopia Film Festival-
Note: 2008 is missing-will put type in the program soon-

Urban-Rural 6 2012 Flyer

2009 Oct 24 Utopia Urban-Rural 5 Flyer

2007 Oct 27 Utopia Urban_Rural 3 Flyer

2006 Oct 28 Utopia Urban_Rural 2 Flyer

2005 Oct Utopia Exploding the Frame1

2005 Oct Utopia Exploding the Frame2

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