Antibes (2023)Self Release
From Winter to Spring (2022)Self Release
Sounds now heard as song 11 (2022) Self Release
Sounds now heard as song 10 (2022) Self release.   
Three Summer Views (2022) Self Release
Sounds now heard as song 9 (2021)Self Release
Sounds now heard as song 8 (2021) Self release
Sounds now heard as song 7(2021)Self release
Sounds now heard as song 6 (2020) Self release 
Sounds now heard as song 5 (2020) Self release
Sounds now heard as song 4 (2020)-Self release
Sounds now heard as song 3 (2019)-Self release
Sounds now heard as song 2 (2019)-Self release
Configurations with Clouds and Sea Air (2019) Verz Imprint cassette release
Sounds now heard as song 1 (2019)-Self Release
Pond Views (2018) Green Field Recordings
Mediterranean Views (2018) European Recordings-Self Release
Early Evening Rockville Recordings (2018) Maryland Recordings-Self Release
Qixia (2017) Impulsive Habitat
Summer Storms (2016) Green Field Recordings
From Chance to Deal (2016) Maryland Recordings-Self Release Bandcamp
The Rain That Fell (2015) Impulsive Habitat
Early Morning Rockville Recordings (2015) Maryland Recordings Bandcamp
The Old East Coast (2015) Echomusic
Landscape Tempo (2013) Impulsive Habitat
Changeable Weather (2013) Green Field Recordings
Remote Partings (2012) Echomusic
Our Spaces Overlap (2012) EM
A Dance in Slow Time Along The Pacific Rim (2012) Green Field Recordings
Morning Trees (2011) EM
Afternoon Traces (2011) Kandala Records
Mountain Lodge(2011) EM
The Clouds Have Settled In (2010)
Near Lakes and Voices (2010) EM
New Works (2010) EM
On My Way to The Cinema (2009)-EMR
Audible Landscapes (2007) Sockets D.C.
VA | green field recordings | world listening day 2015 | water
Haze City Series Reykjavik (2014) Audio with Una Lee-Lynlee
Classwar Karaoke 0028 (2014) Audio with Una Lee-Lynlee
Haze City Series Berlin (2014) Audio with Una Lee-Lynlee
Classwar Karaoke 0025 (2014) Audio with Una Lee-Lynlee
World Listening Day (2013) Green Field Recordings
Classwar Karaoke 0023-Audio with Una Lee
Sound Interpretations-Samuel Beckett-Haze Netlabel- Lynlee
Classwar Karaoke-0022-Audio and Visual with Una Lee
Sound Interpretations-Virginia Woolf-Haze Netlabel - Lynlee
Sound Interpretations-Jack Kerouac-Haze Netlabel - Lynlee
Sound Interpretations-Conan Doyle-Haze Netlabel
Classwar Karaoke Series 0015,0016, 0017, 0018, 0019,0020
The Sun Will Rise-A Net Label Compilation for Japanese Tsunami Relief
Electronic Musik Sampler EM 135
Field Notes-Earth Monkey Productions
A Tale of Tow Bays with Hiroko Komiya (2022)
Oto no Yukae with Hiroko Komiya (2022)
Lynlee the changeover (audio) single
Michelle Reading The Black Art In The Miami Night(Audio) Rework for Peter Wullen
Jean Tinguely @ Kanal Brut – Incidental Music rework for Peter Wullen
Lynlee 1314-(Audio)Reissue Plus Timbre
Lynlee-Words in the Winds: Sounds (Audio) Plus Timbre
Doubting All Things Aligned with Daniel Barbiero (Audio) Plus Timbre
Walking Distance with Una Lee-Audio-Lynlee
12/11/14 Expanded Cinema Trio – Chris Lynn (projector, objects), Dan Barbiero (bass, objects) and Gary Rouzer (cello, clarinet, objects). This is Takoma at the Takoma Arts Center, Takoma Park, MD.Projectionist: Pat Doyen
Lynlee (Audio) ongoing collaboration with Una Lee
NorthNorthEast with Marcus Beuter (AudioVisual)
Augmented Landscapes with Daniel Barbiero.Zeromoon Label (Audio)
Black Canary-AudioVisual poem with Una Lee and Peter Wullen
February 22, 2014-Expanded Cinema at the Goethe Institut for the DCIFF with Daniel Barbiero and Gary Rouzer, additional sounds provided by J.Surak. Projectionist: Pat Doyen
January 11, 2014-Expanded Cinema with Daniel Barbiero and Gary Rouzer for Sonic Circuits at Pyramid Atlantic
Expanded Cinema live event at Sonic Circuits festival with Amptext-10/6/13-live Super 8 Projection with field recordings, objects, and sounds.
Miniature Landscape Correspondance 1-10 with Una Lee Audio/Visual
Lynlee-ongoing collaboration with sound artist Una Lee
A Rolling Mind with Una Lee-Audio/Visual
Journey South with Marcus Beuter-Audio
Along the North Shore with Tsai men-yeun-Audio
Expanded Cinema 2 with Amptext-Audio
Dark Winter Evenings with Cousin Silas-Audio
Expanded Cinema 1 with Amptext-Audio
Expanded Cinema-live event with Khristian Weeks, Layne Garett, Amanda Hurron-Digital and Super 8 Projection
The Door to the Falls with Daniel Barbiero-Audio/Visual
Rain Patterns section 1 with Tsai men-yeun-Audio
A Day out West with Michael Williams-Audio/Visual
Interprets Practition by Colour remixing Noise Research-Audio
Journey North with Marcus Beuter-Audio
Emily Carr in Slow Time and Be it So with Yasuo Akai-Audio
Mountain Lodge late night among the tired beauties with Cousin Silas-Audio
Placement and Angles with Cedar Lines-Audio
Evening Swimmers with Noise Research-Audio
Evening Swimmers with Cousin Silas-Audio
After the Montreal Rain with Clutter-Audio

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