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Afternoon Traces released on Kandala Records based in Taiwan

Go here to download or Listen.
Kandala records did a wonderful job with the sound and the artwork on this release. You can download all the tracks in Flac if you like. This is a relatively new label and I expect amazing innovative works from Artists in Taiwan and beyond associated with the label. I am happy to be a part of their growth. Check out the other releases if you can! All of the details are posted on the Kandala website. Here is a link to their home page. Enjoy!
Afternoon Traces
Chris Lynn

Mastering by noise
Design by shower
Photography by Lynn
releases in 2011.03
Kandala Records Field Recording 01
Album, FLAC


Voices near a Temple a Track from Near Lakes and Voices was played on The Radio Panik show in Brussels-The link is here.

Here is a review about the show The Wire Magazine

L’étranger can be regarded as a story which you can skip if you want. It can be seen as a story you will get more out of if you don’t skip. It can be seen as a kind of symphony, or in another way as a kind of opera: or even a horse opera. It is hot music, a poem, a song, a comedy, a farce, and so forth. It is superficial, profound, entertaining, and boring, according to taste.

It is a prophecy, a political warning, a cryptogram, a preposterous movie.

“That guy in Brussels…” – Bob ‘Dean’ Dobbs