A few notes on Reading Dream Within A Dream

Author, Filmmaker, and Musician Robert Robertson is going to be giving a number of lectures on Sergei Eisenstein next month at the BFI in London. Most of these lectures will be centered around his book, Eisenstein and the Audiovisual which I mentioned  a few months ago. Fortunately for me he is going to be screening Reading Dream Within A Dream-not sure what lecture yet, but I am pretty thrilled. He asked me to compile the location shots for the actual film to discuss during the lecture-so I thought I might as well post them here too. More on this exciting event soon-

Bamboo and Trees(dusk)- location: Maryland-

Moon(night)-super 8 film-location:Paris, France

Rain on window -melting trees(afternoon) -location: Maryland

Pacific Ocean shots-Pine Trees(afternoon)-Location-Washington

Blowing Sand on the beach(morning): Location-Delaware

Lights from the Night Bridge(night)-Super 8 film-San Francisco

Photographer near a lake(morning)- super 8 film-Vermont

Small Plane flying overhead and dipping foot in a creek(dusk)-Super 8 film -Maryland

Fire shots(night)-super 8 film-Maryland

Lilacs(morning)-Super 8 film-Maryland

Pacific Ocean and Pine Trees(afternoon)-Washington

All the sounds were recorded in the Alençon Public Library in France-This was intentional. I wanted to make an aural connection between Baudelaire and Poe.