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Chris H Lynn is a filmmaker, sound artist, educator, and curator.

Verzcast #006

I was delighted to discover that “Factory close to the Yangtze River” from The Rain that Fell was featured on the Verzcast radio show on Resonance Extra in late September.
Here is the link if you want to listen. I highly recommend checking out all the programs. This is what their website says:
“verz imprint is a multimedia project that curates and supports quiet music and art, founded in 2016 by Phil Maguire. At present, the project consists of a netlabel (verz imprint), concert series (verznights), and radio show on experimental station ResonanceEXTRA (verzcast). The project attempts to explore ‘quiet’ music past and present, and what ‘quietness’ means in contemporary art(s).”
Definitely worth keeping an eye on.
Visit their website here

Lynlee on the Dial

As promised, here is the link to the latest Framework Radio show that featured 4 tracks from Lynlee’s Words in the Winds: Sounds
Have a listen!
Check out the other broadcast times on the site as well.

Words in the Winds: Sounds is also getting some rotation on the CatFights program on 102.FM in Gent, Belgium. Here is the mixcloud link to one of the programs. I love the Mean Streets sample at the beginning of each program.
Big thanks to Una, Plus Timbre, Framework Radio, and Urgent FM’s CatFight program.