Sound Scene (mixed) Signals tonight! 5/18/13 at the Goethe Institute, Washington D.C


My field recording Seneca is part of this event

DC Listening Lounge is excited to announce the 2013 edition of Sound Scene: our annual interactive audio exploration. This year, we’re sending you (mixed)Signals. The audio extravaganza will feature live music, interactive audio exhibits, community noise-making, found sounds, headphone listening stations, sine waves and more.

Please join us for an evening of sound so rich and exciting, your other senses will be jealous.

Sound Scene VI: (mixed)Signals
May 18th, 2013

Goethe Institute, 812 7th St NW (7th and H Sts NW)

Featuring live performances by musicians:
Janel and Anthony
David Schulman
Tatyana Safronova and Kit Young
Layne Stailey
The CooLots
All ages are welcome-and encouraged!

Advance tickets available here:

Suggested donation of $10 at the door.

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