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Narita Japan (Super 8 stillB/W)/ Sonic Circuits Festival 2013. Super 8 still 66

impulsive cover

I am doing a performance with Amptext, which will include the five rolls of unedited film I recorded this summer in China, France, and Japan. This film will be projected with live sounds provided by Amptext and myself-A true expanded cinema event!
This performance will be part of the Sonic Circuits festival of 2013 on October 6th at Atlas Performing Arts in Washington D.C
Much More on this soon-
In the meantime, go here to donate. We need your support! This festival will not survive without your involvement.

New Lynlee track in Classwar Karaoke 0023

Chris H Lynn:Una Lee






After a hectic summer, it felt really great to work on a new piece with Una. Our track is called So Long July
and it can be downloaded for free along with many other incredible sounds in the most recent Classwar Karaoke survey 0023.


still taken from Angers, France