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UKIGUMO-Framework radio #845

If you missed the show last night, framework radio has posted the program and track listing for listening or download. I will also update radio shows this week as well. Go here to check it out.

Below is the track listing and locations:

[time  /  recording  /  recordist]

01:20 – 30:50  /  Owl near Rock Creek in late afternoon  /  Chris
03:50 – 12:36  /  Engawa farm in Kumano (frogs, goat/sheep/birds/chicken  /  Hiroko
12:31 – 16:00  /  Frogs on Luzerne Ave with Bass piano  /  Chris
16:00 – 17:20  /  Onigajo National Park by the Pacific  /  Hiroko
17:20 – 22:18  /  Heavy  rain and wind near the Atlantic  /  Chris
22:18 – 25:12  /  Buddhist percussion Mokugyo Monk chanting  /  Hiroko
25:12 – 27:50  /  Wind and snow in March  /  Chris
27:50 – 40:30  /  A long walk around Tokyo Bay  /  Hiroko
40:30 – 46:35  /  Chesapeake bay sunset  /  Chris
46:35 – 53:20  /  Tokyo rain followed by JR yamanote line Tokyo train  /  Hiroko
53:20 – 55:20  /  Shinjuku police station announce/street sounds/noise  /  Hiroko
55:20 – 58:20  /  Recollection  /  Chris

New Lynlee track featured on Zoviet France’s A Duck in a Tree radio show on Resonance FM

A very busy week for Lynlee ! Tonight our latest  track will be featured on Zoviet France’s brilliant radio show A Duck in a Tree on London’s Resonance FM.

Info is here and you can listen to Resonance here I will add other links later this week. Deep thanks to Zoviet France and Resonance FM.

Screen shot 2020-08-15 at 10.28.39 AM

I was also informed the ISSTA Sonic Practice Now 2020 conference and performance went extremely well. For those who are interested you can download the programme below:



Dialogues 1 on Arteidoila and Lynlee excerpt on Soundcloud.


still for dialoguesThrilled to have Dialogues 1  published on the wonderful Arteidolia website. Dialogues 1 is a audiovisual collaboration with Daniel Barbiero and Una Lee. You can go here to see the work and check out their other entries. A big thanks to Daniel !

Lynlee has also  provided our  latest track “traceless land” as an excerpt on Soundcloud. Enjoy!

New Lynlee single the ‘changeover’

I am very excited to report Lynlee have published two new tracks with more material on the way. Stream and download (name your price) on our Bandcamp page. Enjoy

Details are below:

Back in the end of February 2020, after 2 years of an incidental hiatus, we had decided to pick up where we left off and re-embark on our collaborative journey. We had started exchanging videos and audios and creating compositions again when Covid-19 was declared a pandemic and lockdowns in global scale began to be imposed in country after country.

The release of this ‘single’ marks the time of a ‘changeover’ for us – we took an organically emerged break from a consistent collaboration, and now we are in a collective state of awaiting an altered lifestyle to manifest. More and more art practices are moving towards existing online, and even music ensembles perform ‘together’ via virtual means. What we as Lynlee might do is keep on doing what we’ve been doing in the past 7 years: collect, exchange and amalgamate words, images and sounds between two different continents with the hope of exploring and cultivating our artistic practice.

The effect of exhaustion-extract 2 from Factory Journal

w ferry 2

Here is the second extract from the Factory Journal project-
A dialogue in sound and image with Simone Weil’s seminal Factory Journal. This is ongoing and still very open. Thanks to Hu for her lovely rendition.

Text: Simone Weil
Voice: Hu Manrong
Audio 78

A long ride on Play Vertigo with Mayuko!

Sequence 1 011309;18 wind 3

Deepest thanks to the magnificent Mayuko for playing A Long Ride after the Rain on her Play Vertigo radio show today on WFMU ! Easily one of the best radio programs going.
Here is the link to the show and playlist. Here is the link if you want to listen-

Below is A Long Ride-

Super 8 still from the series: End of the Reel

Footsteps in the Snow for Sound Scene 2019 at the Hirshhorn Museum

photo 2-1

I am really excited to have Footsteps in the snow featured in the Audio Screening section of Sound Scene 2019: AMPLIFY hosted by the DC Listening Lounge at the Hirshhorn Museum on June 29th and 30. All the details are here for this exciting event. A big thanks to the DC Listening Lounge and the Hirshhorn.