Augmented Landscapes on Admirable Restraint-plus some notes


Before I am off to my next teaching assignment and audio/visual project, I wanted to share a few exciting notes:
A track from Augmented Landscapes will be featured on the Admirable Restraint show in Australia-details and track list are here-
Also Augmented Landscapes was mentioned in Avant Music News in the Best of 2014 (so far) link is here
Be back in August
Still is from my work station in Normandy, France!

1 thought on “Augmented Landscapes on Admirable Restraint-plus some notes

  1. Heritage

    If I didn’t like and respect you, I might thin you were rubbing it in – as you show us that gorgeous photo of your study area in Normandy! Seriously, I am happy for you, and just want you to take me along on your travels next time…

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