Narita Morning (Before the Planes)

impulsive cover

Here is a field recording from a few years back. This track appeared on the World Listening Project’s 2013 edition. As I am planning to participate in the 2015 edition, I thought I would share this piece. The sounds were recorded in Narita, Japan around 5 AM. The planes had not invaded the audiovisual space yet, so there is  a feeling of tranquility. There were a few people walking and exercising near the bamboo forest, but for the most part I was alone in this landscape. I remained in this spot for about three hours, documenting the dramatic contrast in the visual and sound environments. A track appeared on my Impulsive Habitat release and a short film was made.

Here is a link to the World Listening Project-

Be sure to check out Angus Carlye and Rupert Cox’s work on Narita and the work of Shinsuke Ogawa.

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