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River Thoughts on VOD

More film news ! You can now stream River Thoughts and a bonus film on Vimeo on Demand for a  small fee. This is something completely new for me, so I thought  I would explore the possibilities. The film will stream for one week for now, but this may change.

River Thoughts is a lyrical journey through the city of Nanjing, China during the summer months. Modern architecture, urban landscapes, melodies of folk songs, rainy ancient villages, and studies of the Yangtze river are carefully blended together to create a visual and aural tapestry of the city.

dialogues 3

The latest dialogues with Una Lee and Daniel Barbiero has been published.  Deep thanks to both. You can view below

Score: Daniel Barbiero
Original text and narration: Una Lee and Chris H Lynn.
dialogues is an exchange of poems, letters, notes that are presented as voice- overs. Each narration is accompanied with the same landscape