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exquisite corpse film


Deep thanks to Scottish audiovisual artist Sapphire Goss for initiating the exquisite corpse film and Daniel and Clara of Moving Image Artists for presenting the project on their website. Thrilled to be involved with so many other fantastic artists. Read and view it here . My little contribution is in Strand B

Miniature Landscape Correspondence in Seoul !

[ATM 2020] Social_01

Thrilled to announce that the Miniature Landscape Correspondence series that Una Lee and myself have been collaborating on now since 2014 will be part of Megaphone ATM in Seoul, South Korea.  More details forthcoming. Our work will be in the Unheard Voices program. Here is a link to the event.

Here is our latest MLC-

<p><a href=”″>Miniature Landscape Correspondence 20</a> from <a href=”″>Chris H Lynn / Una Lee</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Miniature Landscape Correspondence 18

Brand new Miniature Landscape Correspondence !

The Miniature Landscape Correspondence series is an audio visual
collaboration between Una Lee and Chris H Lynn . Each correspondence or observation is composed of two shots, one from each
continent. The films are a homage to the Lumière brothers and the early days of
cinema. In addition, these unassuming landscape moments (shots, views)
coupled with a steady visual rhythm will hopefully reflect the direct experience of the everyday

Crossing the Yangtze River

Crossing the Yangtze River from Zhongshan Wharf to Pukou Station from chris h lynn on Vimeo.


New audiovisual work!

Crossing the Yangtze from Zhongshan wharf to Pukou station was recorded in Nanjing China. The audiovisual work highlights the sights and sounds of a busy wharf and the journey to the historic Pukou railway where factory and pier sounds accentuate the abandoned station.

The Door to the Falls on Media Monsters tonight !


The Door to the Falls is an audiovisual collaboration I did with Daniel Barbiero  a few years back.  Dan did the music and I shot and edited the film. I am happy to report it will  air tonight for the program Media monsters on Twitch TV  at 10pm Pacific time.

Media Monsters is an experimental video showcase  curated by Nicole Baker.

Looks to be a lot of fun with a very eclectic video mix!

Thanks Nicole!

Link to show is  here-

Pine, Lake and Piano on WFMU’s Play Vertigo


I was delighted and very moved when Mayuko, host of Play Vertigo, asked to use my image and track for her latest Play Vertigo show. I listen to her radio show weekly and always find some new music, but more importantly some wonderful insights from an incredible artist whose artwork I find very mysterious and inspiring.

Here is the set list
Here is a link to the show titled Drift.
Finally, here is a link to Mayuko’s artwork

Thanks to Mayuko and WFMU.
Tune in on Saturdays or check out previous shows.