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Lynlee on the Dial

As promised, here is the link to the latest Framework Radio show that featured 4 tracks from Lynlee’s Words in the Winds: Sounds
Have a listen!
Check out the other broadcast times on the site as well.

Words in the Winds: Sounds is also getting some rotation on the CatFights program on 102.FM in Gent, Belgium. Here is the mixcloud link to one of the programs. I love the Mean Streets sample at the beginning of each program.
Big thanks to Una, Plus Timbre, Framework Radio, and Urgent FM’s CatFight program.

Unquiet Meadow and Hypnagogic Garden

A special thanks to WSFM’s Unquiet Meadow for playing a track from the new Lynlee release Words in the Wind. Here is the link for the playlist.
Also would like to thank Hynagogic Garden for playing a few tracks from my solo work as well. Looks like they do a weekly show on field recordings Check it out here Have a listen!
Tracks featured:
On the Lagan from Lynlee-Words in the Winds: Sounds on Plus Timbre
Shoreline around Dusk from Changeable Weather on Green Field Recordings
Rockville Afternoon from Summer Storms on Green Field Recordings

Preview reel for the UNZA Show on 6/15/17

Here is the Program-
Ships passing on the Huangpu River (video, 2008-2013)
● London 5: Unknown Year (super8 trasferito in video, 2007)
● Journal of Drifting Hours (series) (super8)
– Winter Trees (2012-2014, super8)
– Late Autumn, Early Winter (2013-2014, super8)
– A Windy Season (2016-2017, super8)
– November Sunday (2013, super8)
– December in Normandie (2015, super8)
● Jiangsu/France reels with Field Recordings (video)

The majority of the program will be live Super 8 projection!
More soon.