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Info on the Audio -Training- Manual festival in Seoul

[ATM 2020] Social_02

Really thrilled that the Miniature Landscape Correspondence will be part of this stellar festival which begins on 10/15  in Oil Tank Culture Park !

From the festival  notes on the Miniature Landscape Correspondence in the Unheard Voices Program:

Although the works seem to foreground the visual access to the scene at first sight, they project the natural, invisible soundscape beyond the landscape that is shown, which conveys the meta-presence of the sound in our daily life.

Here is a link to the program and  all the incredible Artists involved. Massive thanks to Una for initiating this and to Arts Incubator in South Korea. The Oil Tank Culture Park looks stunning.  More soon.

A Thrilling Experience!

Back after three weeks in Nanjing. A Fantastic screening! Deep gratitude to Librairie Avant-Garde and H.Rong for putting this event together. Great audience and some very thoughtful questions that went on deep into the night. A thrilling experience in such a beautiful place. I will post more photos later, but this was very, very special.
Here is the link to the Librairie Avant-Garde page and description of the event, just scroll down. Text is in Chinese.
BTW-The poster is fantastic.
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Thanks to the Hyattsville Independent Film Series

a walk in feb final 010358;04

A really beautiful time last night premiering Scenes from 10 Walks. Great conversation and questions afterwards as well. Scenes is over 46 minutes long, so I was a bit apprehensive about how the audience would respond, but it was very, very positive. I think the ambience of the church added an extra dimension to the overall audiovisual experience. The super 8 films looked great too! Thanks again the Hyattsille Independent Film series for a memorable evening. More soon

Listening to Landscapes on 9/20/18

france 2015 n trees 011816;06

Listening to Landscapes is a program which explores how audiovisual artists engage with urban and rural landscapes and how sound can be a central component for exploration and discovery.

1.Wolimierz Windharps by John Grzinich

A series of 3 windharps was built for the Borderline Gallery in Wolimierz, Poland. Each windharp was build to respond to the conditions of a specific location
2. Flicker, Flow by Kate Carr from I had A Nuclear Spring-
A piece built from electrical interference recorded using hydrophones placed in small canals underneath high capacity electricity lines coming from a nuclear power plant in Marnay-sur-Seine, in France.
Capturing the ultrasonics of sections of glacier moving across the lagoon
4.MEMORY II by Gloria Chung –
Snowland- A meditation on water, ice, floods, the memories of these, and a reflection on the glacial movements of time.
A soundtrack of varied voices and percussive train sounds serves as counterpoint to footage from a day trip to the Czech village of Kutná Hora, rearranged and heavily edited, to emphasize the visual rhythms and realistic and abstract images viewed from the train windows.
6 A Walk in December by Chris H Lynn –
An audiovisual walk in a Norman forest.
This should be lots of fun ! More soon.

Location: Bump ‘n Grind Coffee Shop 1200 East West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Time: 8:00 PM

the emergence of film singularities

journal 7 17
Big thanks to Francesco at L’emergere del possibile who wrote a really brilliant, insightful overview of my work for the screening next week at Unza in Milan. You can read the full text here

Here is some info about the show-
will post more links soon!

super 8 still 95 form A Windy Season

Liguria screened in Milan, Italy for NOFEST on 4/8/17

italy liguria 010120;13

I am thrilled  to report that my film Liguria will be screened next month at NOFEST in Milan, Italy. This is presented by L’emergere del possibile & UNZAlab.
Here is the program and info. More links and additional info soon. A warm thanks to L’emergere del possibile for their enthusiasm and vision.

Links below

L’emergere del possibile



From Chance to Deal – Salisbury University Screening


I am really looking forward to screening the entire work in November. More on this in the upcoming weeks.