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A Thrilling Experience!

Back after three weeks in Nanjing. A Fantastic screening! Deep gratitude to Librairie Avant-Garde and H.Rong for putting this event together. Great audience and some very thoughtful questions that went on deep into the night. A thrilling experience in such a beautiful place. I will post more photos later, but this was very, very special.
Here is the link to the Librairie Avant-Garde page and description of the event, just scroll down. Text is in Chinese.
BTW-The poster is fantastic.
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Thanks to the Hyattsville Independent Film Series

a walk in feb final 010358;04

A really beautiful time last night premiering Scenes from 10 Walks. Great conversation and questions afterwards as well. Scenes is over 46 minutes long, so I was a bit apprehensive about how the audience would respond, but it was very, very positive. I think the ambience of the church added an extra dimension to the overall audiovisual experience. The super 8 films looked great too! Thanks again the Hyattsille Independent Film series for a memorable evening. More soon

Listening to Landscapes on 9/20/18

france 2015 n trees 011816;06

Listening to Landscapes is a program which explores how audiovisual artists engage with urban and rural landscapes and how sound can be a central component for exploration and discovery.

1.Wolimierz Windharps by John Grzinich

A series of 3 windharps was built for the Borderline Gallery in Wolimierz, Poland. Each windharp was build to respond to the conditions of a specific location
2. Flicker, Flow by Kate Carr from I had A Nuclear Spring-
A piece built from electrical interference recorded using hydrophones placed in small canals underneath high capacity electricity lines coming from a nuclear power plant in Marnay-sur-Seine, in France.
Capturing the ultrasonics of sections of glacier moving across the lagoon
4.MEMORY II by Gloria Chung –
Snowland- A meditation on water, ice, floods, the memories of these, and a reflection on the glacial movements of time.
A soundtrack of varied voices and percussive train sounds serves as counterpoint to footage from a day trip to the Czech village of Kutná Hora, rearranged and heavily edited, to emphasize the visual rhythms and realistic and abstract images viewed from the train windows.
6 A Walk in December by Chris H Lynn –
An audiovisual walk in a Norman forest.
This should be lots of fun ! More soon.

Location: Bump ‘n Grind Coffee Shop 1200 East West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Time: 8:00 PM

the emergence of film singularities

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Big thanks to Francesco at L’emergere del possibile who wrote a really brilliant, insightful overview of my work for the screening next week at Unza in Milan. You can read the full text here

Here is some info about the show-
will post more links soon!

super 8 still 95 form A Windy Season

Liguria screened in Milan, Italy for NOFEST on 4/8/17

italy liguria 010120;13

I am thrilled  to report that my film Liguria will be screened next month at NOFEST in Milan, Italy. This is presented by L’emergere del possibile & UNZAlab.
Here is the program and info. More links and additional info soon. A warm thanks to L’emergere del possibile for their enthusiasm and vision.

Links below

L’emergere del possibile



From Chance to Deal – Salisbury University Screening


I am really looking forward to screening the entire work in November. More on this in the upcoming weeks.