Screening tonight at Anthology Film Archives! Experimental documentaries: Chris Bravo, Ann Deborah Levy, Chris Lynn and Leandro Listorti


buddist nun nanjing temple

Curated by Tova Beck-Friedman in her on-going series that explores short experimental documentary works, this program features short films and videos about “place” — rural, urban, historic and/or contemporary — in a variety of locations in the US, the Czech Republic, China, and Uruguay. All of the filmmakers explore their subjects in distinct visual ways and approach their soundtracks imaginatively utilizing location sounds, studio recordings, manufactured sounds, and/or silence.

The Program:

Chris Bravo, IN HABITAT, shot at various sites of the Occupation movement in 2012, including Zuccotti park, Wall St, and on Occupied farm sites in upstate NY, In Habitat is a response to the political interpretations of occupation, and investigates the intersections of different forms of occupation.

Ann Deborah Levy, ON THE TRAIN TO KUTNA HORA…AND BACK, images of the Czech countryside, shot from train windows with a point-and-shoot camera, are transformed by changing weather and light and when overlaid by reflections at sunset.

Ann Deborah Levy, SPECTATOR(S), caught by another “spectator’s” camera, visitors observe, enjoy, or ignore their surroundings — one of the world’s most infamous, yet beloved structures — as the memory of the spectators of antiquity casts a shadow.

Ann Deborah Levy, RAIN PAINTING, raindrops, striking the car windows, “paint” the landscape beyond in a variety of textures and moods as the camera documents three realities: the landscape outside, rain patterns on the window surface, and the space inside the car.

Chris Lynn, SHIPS PASSING ON THE HUANGPU RIVER, images of ships recorded in the same location in Shanghai at different time periods from 2008 to 2013 drift in and out of the frame towards their unknown destination.

Chris Lynn, AFTERNOON AT JIMING TEMPLE, an audiovisual document of an afternoon spent in a Buddhist temple in Nanjing, China where rhythm, light, and sound create a contemplative mood during high summer.

Leandro Listorti, MONTEVIDEO, the capital of Uruguay reveals, briefly, its characteristic of a Doppelgänger City: a single place cut in two spaces where two pairs of creatures explore the limits of the travelogue.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 – 18:00
Anthology Film Archives