“Then. and then….” そして,また そして….New track with Hiroko Komiya


I am happy to share “Then. and then….”A new track  with Hiroko Komiya. This longer  work is an audible journey that  blends different field recordings and instruments  to   create a sketchbook of invisible stories. This is our second published track with much more to come. Sit back and enjoy!

From Hiroko:
“Then. and then…”with Chris H Lynn. 2曲目リリース。この22分25秒の曲はフィールドレコ、インストゥルメンタルをミックス、移りゆく季節、モノの音、そこにある空気、記憶のような心象風景、見えないストーリーをスケッチブックにしてみました。”そして. またそして….”

Translated from Japanese:
“Then. And then …” with Chris H Lynn. The second song is released. This 22 minute 25 seconds long song is a mix of field recordings and instrumentals, made a sketchbook with the transition of seasons, the sounds of objects, the air there, the imaginary scenery like memories, and the invisible story. “Then. And then….”

Photo: Hiroko Komiya