Autumn screenings and live events !

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I am excited about posting some upcoming screenings and live events this Autumn. As some of you may be aware, my last in-person  show was at the Librairie Avant-Garde in Nanjing, China, 2019 .

As a rule, I  do not submit my films to any festivals because I like to have some  control over how my  work is exhibited. Over the years, I have been very  fortunate to be able to create my own events and to have been invited to show my works or collaborate with fellow filmmakers, curators, musicians, sound artists, librarians, book store owners, educators, students, historians, authors, poets, painters, environmentalists, gallerists, bloggers, ….I am always open to explore new screening possibilities.

Recently, the brilliant filmmaker and curator O.Funmilayo Makarah invited me to participate in the Heritage film festival, a festival she created in Prince George’s County 17 years ago. She will be screening several of my films from November to December, along with other international works. This is truly an honor. The festival will be online. More info on this soon. 

In addition, I also have two exciting events planned in December. The first is a solo screening show at the newly renovated Hyattsville library in Maryland. I will be presenting recent audiovisual landscape works and a few new silent super 8 films from the Journal series. I am really looking forward to seeing the new building and being in a real communal setting. Some of my most memorable  screenings have been at the Hyattsville library! 

Lastly, also in December, I will be doing a live show in Vienna, Austria, with Japanese sound artist and frequent collaborator Hiroko Komiya. This is part of a Butoh-Hybrid event, with 20 other performers. It will include digital projection of  Super 8 films, field recordings, live music, and several Butoh dancers. Incredibly thrilling.

More on all of these events with links soon.

Look for some new audio work as well !

Nov 17-Dec 14 -Heritage Film Festival

Dec5- Hyattsville Library-A Season Close to Mountains: Recent Landscape Films and new films form the Journal series

Dec 10-Butoh Hybrid Festival in Vienna, Austria. Live Performance with Hiroko Komiya with   digital projection of Super 8 films/ field recordings/objects —