Winter Movement at the Small Cinema Conference in Romania

A film I made a few years ago called Winter Movement was discussed at the Small Cinema Conference in Romania last week. The film was examined in an excellent paper called the Aesthetics of Landscape Cinema. The paper offers a fresh and engaging view on Landcape Cinema. Here is an excerpt on the audio aspect of the film:

“Often, the only sounds used in landscape films are natural sounds, recorded synchronously with the image, although in some cases, as in Winter movement, the filmmaker has applied sounds at different moments in the film, in a non-diegetic manner. The piece is silent at first and, later, sound comes in in the form of what can be thought to be a musical instrument, but which turns out later to be the sound of an escalator in the airport. The other sounds we hear are the sounds captured in the terminal, such as announcements, engines of vehicles passing by and the recurring noise of the escalator. The piece ends on silence. In Winter Movement, the sounds add a musical dimension to the film, suggested by the title itself.”
Here is a link to the conference. Looked really stimulating.