Urban/Rural Landscapes 8th Edition at the Utopia Film Festival this Saturday! 10/25/14

urban still 2

Urban/Rural Landscapes 8th Edition Program begins at Noon on October 25, 2014 in The Community Center

Directors: Angus Carlyle, Rupert Cox, Ann Deborah Levy, Tomonari
Nishikawa, Pat Doyen, Robert Robertson, Chris H Lynn
Locations: Japan, China, Cuba, California, Louisiana

1. Doors of the Spirits (Robert Robertson, 2006)
A procession of ancient and weathered doorsfrom the oldest district
in Havana is counterpointed by the pathos of an old
revolutionary song.

2.Kiatsu: The Sound of The Sky Being Torn (Angus Carlyle and Rupert Cox, 2010)
“Kiatsu” is a collaboration between anthropologist Rupert Cox and
artist Angus Carlyle. It draws on their experiences of recording the
activities of the last farming family living within the concrete and
steel infrastructure of Japan’s largest airport, where noise – of
taxiing and of take-offs and landings – exerts a constant pressure
from before dawn until well after dusk. The work has also been
informed by an extended collaboration with Professor Kozo Hiramatsu
(the UK President of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science),
who participated in the second period of fieldwork and who has
provided us with the perspective of acoustic science.

3. Rain Painting (Ann Deborah Levy, 2014)
The landscape seen through car windows as “painted” by rain striking
the glass. Three realities are represented: the landscape viewed
through the window, the surface of the window with the raindrops, and
the space inside the car. Each of the first becomes visible depending
on where the camera is focused, the third is not seen but becomes
present when the rain quiets and the sounds inside the car are heard.

4. Views from Jiangning at Night (Chris H Lynn, 2014)
Figures and lights are reflected on the Qinhuai River in Nanjing, China.

5. Sketch Film #5 Tomonari Nishikawa ( 2007,US, Super 8, silent,
18/24fps, b&w, 3 min.)
All images had been shot at the site of Marin Headlands County in
California. The footage shows the nature in the area, as well as
historic buildings originally built for the US Army, including
batteries and the Nike Missile Site

6.Another Louisiana Story, (Pat Doyen Super-8 film, silent, 6 min.)
A journey through the swamps and wetlands of Louisiana. These areas
are disappearing – an area approximately the size of a football field
continues to slip away every hour.

Greenebelt, Md
Greenbelt Community Center, 15 Crescent Rd.