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Moving Text

Ana Villas Boas describes herself as an Urban sociologist and runner focused on studies about soundscapes and silence. Over at Keep Moving Flow she has written some wonderful lines on a few of my films/sounds and how it relates to her running practice. This perspective is really quite unique, but makes perfect sense. Look for more post on this topic soon, but for now take a trip to  São Paulo, Brasil and enjoy her words.

From Chance to Deal – Salisbury University Screening


I am really looking forward to screening the entire work in November. More on this in the upcoming weeks.

Landscape Tempos 9 and 10

An ongoing exploration of the audiovisual in urban and rural landscapes.
These views (scenes, occasions) reflect the rhythm and tempo of isolated moments.
Landscape Tempo  9: Recorded in  Crespière, France
Landscape Tempo 10: Recorded in  Shanghai,  China