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Radio sounds and clapping hands around Xuanwu Lake, early morning (Audio 33)

If you spend any time in Nanjing, China you will find the lakes are very active with people and sounds. Over the years, I have collected quite a number of recordings(audiovisual) from Xuanwu Lake and Mochou Lake.  This recording is from Xuanwu lake around 6:30 am after a morning run

xuanwu lake 1

china still 90

Lake series (audio) 1

Bourgeon Article

I was really happy to contribute to the latest edition of Bourgeon. Bourgeon is an Arts magazine that documents the D.C art scene and its artists. Here is their mission statement:

“Bourgeon’s mission, through our online publication and community initiatives, is twofold: to increase participation in the arts and to improve access to the arts. Bourgeon serves as a bridge-builder between contemporary artists and audiences.”

I document my working methods and speak specifically on the film Baoying Window

Go here to read the article.
Thanks to the Editors!

End of year Reflections: Net labels, Films, Projects, Collaborations-

I would like to say a warm and heartfelt thanks a number of special people and organizations for making 2011 a very unique year for me:
Film/Moving Images:
Dr. Fang for her amazing insight and contribution to the Reconstructing Scenic Views of Chinese Landscape Painting project.
Dr. Robert Robertson for screening my films and discussing their work in relation to Sergei Eisenstein at the BFI
Streaming Film Festival in the Netherlands
Pyramid Atlantic Art Gallery,Silver Spring, Md
Heritage Film Festival, Md
Electronic Musik Netlabel(UK)
Kandala Records in Taiwan (look for a new disc soon in the new year)
Framework on Resonance FM
Classwar Karaoke
The Sun will Rise Net  Label relief for Tsunami Victims in Japan
Yasuo Akai-(look for a new track soon)
Cousin Silas
Marcus Beuter( new track soon)
Cardinal Points.
2012 should be exciting-There are already some promising things lining up.

China stills Shanghai 5-12

Shanghai is dense, overwhelming city for the senses …Since 2008 I have collected quite a number of field recordings and images there. Some of the field recordings have made their way on my discs, but I still have many more to release hopefully. The film/video part is another story. I have two films that deal directly with Shanghai G7034and Suzhou/Shanghai but I have always wanted to do more. At the moment, I have a number of projects that don’t deal directly with the city, but I think that may change soon . Above are images that date back to 2008 and 2009-expect more in the near future.

A few notes on Reading Dream Within A Dream

Author, Filmmaker, and Musician Robert Robertson is going to be giving a number of lectures on Sergei Eisenstein next month at the BFI in London. Most of these lectures will be centered around his book, Eisenstein and the Audiovisual which I mentioned  a few months ago. Fortunately for me he is going to be screening Reading Dream Within A Dream-not sure what lecture yet, but I am pretty thrilled. He asked me to compile the location shots for the actual film to discuss during the lecture-so I thought I might as well post them here too. More on this exciting event soon-

Bamboo and Trees(dusk)- location: Maryland-

Moon(night)-super 8 film-location:Paris, France

Rain on window -melting trees(afternoon) -location: Maryland

Pacific Ocean shots-Pine Trees(afternoon)-Location-Washington

Blowing Sand on the beach(morning): Location-Delaware

Lights from the Night Bridge(night)-Super 8 film-San Francisco

Photographer near a lake(morning)- super 8 film-Vermont

Small Plane flying overhead and dipping foot in a creek(dusk)-Super 8 film -Maryland

Fire shots(night)-super 8 film-Maryland

Lilacs(morning)-Super 8 film-Maryland

Pacific Ocean and Pine Trees(afternoon)-Washington

All the sounds were recorded in the Alençon Public Library in France-This was intentional. I wanted to make an aural connection between Baudelaire and Poe.