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Film class and notes

Lynn NEW DATE Cinema Class Flyer 2








Above is the press release for a film class I will  be teaching in a few weeks. Sign up if you live nearby!
In other news, Robert Robertson’s new book Cinema and the Audio VIsual Imagination published by I.B Tauris should be released sometime this summer.
There are quite a few links already
http://us.macmillan.com/cinemaandtheaudiovisualimagination/RobertRobertson (This link has the table of contents)

In related news, Philippa Brewster, Senior Editor at I.B. Tauris.
just won the Outstanding Contribution to Publishing Award from the Kraszna-Krausz Foundation. You can read about it here on Robert’s site-
Lastly, to order the RabelisDada book also go here-
More news soon on some exciting events coming up in NYC

Robert Roberson’s new book Cinema and the AudioVisual Imagination due in early 2014



From IB Tauris:

So far, the study of cinema has been overwhelmingly visual. In this book Robert Robertson presents cinema as an audiovisual medium, based on Eisenstein’s ideas on the montage of music, image and sound. Robertson applies an audiovisual focus to key works by film directors such as Spike Lee, Maya Deren, David Lynch, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, and Fritz Lang, as well as exploring the audiovisual in avant-garde animation, in landscape in cinema, and in films beyond the European tradition. Recent developments in technology have for the first time enabled practitioners to work extensively with music and sound on an equal level with the visual track, so Robertson also explores the audiovisual creative process in opera, a music/film collaboration, and in his music/films Oserake and The River That Walks.
This illuminating book has relevance for practitioners in any work that involves the audiovisual, especially cinema and its future multiple forms.

Robert Robertson is a composer and filmmaker. He is also the author of Eisenstein on the Audiovisual (I.B. Tauris), winner of the Kraszna-Krausz Foundation’s And/Or Award.

This is going to be great!

A Report on the Hundred Years Gallery Screening on 5/4/13

Last Saturday (5/4/13) the Zone collective put together an impressive list of films to screen at the Hundred Years Gallery in London. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend, but author, filmmaker,  and musician Robert Robertson was.  Here is a wonderful blog post about the event. Looking forward to Mr. Robertson’s new book in the near future. Browse his blog and certainly check out his first book Eisenstein and the Audiovisual

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Still taken from the film People’s Park Reverie

China still 52