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NorthNorthEast and Ships Passing screened at the Experi-Mental Festival in New York City on 10/29/14

NorthNorthEast and Ships Passing on the Huangpu River will be screened on 9/29/14 at the Spectrum in Brooklyn, NY. This is part of the Experi-Mental festival in NY City. The event is curated by Jim Tuite. NorthNorthEast  is the third collaboration  with German sound artist Marcus Beuter.  I composed the visuals and Marcus did the audio. Here is a link to the festival.  Preview is below

Journey South audio collaboration with Marcus Beuter

Journey south is my second audio collaboration with  German sound artist Marcus Beuter . Last year we published “Journey North” which appeared on my Our Spaces Overlapjourney south still2Enjoy !






Check out Mr. Beuter’s site below: