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Moving Text

Ana Villas Boas describes herself as an Urban sociologist and runner focused on studies about soundscapes and silence. Over at Keep Moving Flow she has written some wonderful lines on a few of my films/sounds and how it relates to her running practice. This perspective is really quite unique, but makes perfect sense. Look for more post on this topic soon, but for now take a trip to  São Paulo, Brasil and enjoy her words.

Framework Radio Edition 524-Tonight on Resonance FM

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I was really thrilled to be able to produce this week’s edition of Framework Radio(524) which highlights Maryland/DC sound artists. This also coincides with Sonic Circuits festival which begins later this week. Here is the track list:
00-4:14-Street Scene (Washington D.C) by Gary Rouzer
4:14-6:40 Green Line Metro (Ft. Totten to Takoma Park Md) by Phong Tran
6:41-12:14-Street Scene (Washington D.C) by Gary Rouzer
12:15-15:42 Eastmans (Chevy Chase, Washington D.C) Jeff Surak
15:43-20:06 Sandy Point, close to the Chesapeake Bay( Maryland) Chris H Lynn
20:07-25:30-In the studio (Washington D.C) Mei Mei Chang
25:31-28:34-Mckeldin Library mixed with Bay Siren (Maryland) Chris H Lynn
28:35-30:40-Red Line Metro (Takoma Park, Maryland) Phong Tran
30:41-32:00 Sandy Point, sounds of the Chesapeake Bay (Maryland) Chris H Lynn
32:01-37:10-Timed Telescope (Silver Spring, Maryland) Daniel Barbiero
37:11-40:00 Sudden shower on the Crescent Trail.(Silver Spring,
Maryland) Chris H Lynn
40:01-44:35 Fields (Ruxon and Roland Park, Maryland) Khristian Weeks
44:36-50:22 Secluded and Silent-Early Morning Recording, Montgomery
College.(Rockville, Maryland) Chris H Lynn
50:23-53:56 Annotations-(Silver Spring, Maryland) Chris H Lynn

Thanks Patrick!

Here is the Framework link

is the Resonance Radio link for those who do not live in London