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Cam radio program on Field Recordings

I am a bit late on this, but was happy to discover one of my tracks was featured on the CAM radio program dedicated to field recordings. From what I gather, CAM is based in Wales and is a platform for experimental music and film.
Go Here to listen. The program is stellar!  Here is what they say:

This special mix concentrates on the role of field recordings within music. All tracks featured in this show are either a pure field recording or ones that feature field recordings layered with other sounds or manipulated from a number of artists around the world. The show features a huge variety of sounds ranging from wine making in West Wales (Jacob Whittaker) to marching bands in San Sebastian (Tyler Newman), and from the cliffs of northern Iceland (Kate Carr) to road trips in Portugal (Tobiáš Potočný)

The track Xu leads the classroom discussion is taken from Remote Partings published on the Echomusic label a few years ago.


Lynlee on “Spring Reverberates” the most recent Duck In A Tree Radio Show Updated with Links!

:Zoviet *France’s Radio show A Duck In A Tree has included seven Lynee tracks on their most recent program called “Spring Reverberates”
A very warm thanks to them! The program is here It will air tomorrow on Basic FM.
I will post the links to the podcast and mixcloud as soon as they are online.
Update: Here are the links to download or listen-

Go spend some time with their programs!

Suzhou Studio featured in :Zoviet *France’s A Duck In A Tree radio show.


I recently discovered that my recording Suzhou Studio was featured in Zoviet France’s weekly radio show, A Duck In a Tree. This is splendid program which highlights all facets of music, including field recordings. On a personal note, I consider Zoviet France innovators and pioneers so this was a real surprise and a great honor to be included. Here is a link to the show . I  have been downloading past programs
Artwork: Zoviet France

A few notes on Changeable Weather







A few words on Changeable Weather and links-

“Sonic richness to be discovered, it definitely will be a treat for your sore soul on a hot summer day. ” From my wonderful collaborator and Sound Artist Una Lee-her link is here

“Sounds like sitting and listening in the garden, where there is a road before and birds tell their story!”  from the always reliable Kulturterrorismus-German music blog- link is here

and on the Sadayatana radio program-here is the link-
You can download or listen to the disc here

Thanks to all!

Below is Shoreline around dusk a track from the disc-

Sadayatana-Still Stream Radio plays By The North Sea on 3/10/13

tofino super

I was pleasantly surprised today when I discovered the Sadayatana radio program mixed By The North Sea in their set a few weeks ago.

Here is the link to the program if you want to listen or download-An impressive mix for sure.
This track originally appeared on the Haze’s Sound Interpretations series 196 dedicated Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The Field Reporter radio program 8

I was really happy to discover one of my tracks was featured on the Field Reporter’s radio program-the link is here-
Similar to Framework radio, this is one of the best places to visit when it comes to Field Recording. The writing, like the sounds, is rich and illuminating. Here is what they say:
The Field Reporter is a journal intended to publish exclusive reviews of works that involve the use of field recordings (raw or processed) in their creative process; the reviews are written by artists, curators and label managers that are closely engaged with this line of work.

Radio and Podcasts!

Last week two very different radio programs/podcasts featured tracks from A Dance in Slow Time Along the Pacific Rim
Here are the programs:
and Sadayatana
Radio Panik featured a track Yasuo Akai and I did together and Sadayatana featured a field recording nestled among ambient drones.
I am really pleased to be part of both-
Radio Panik in Brussels continues to amaze.

Framework Radio 3/18/12

Framework radio will feature tracks from Mountain Lodge this Sunday nite on Resonance FM in London! The show begins at 11pm. This edition also features peter caeldries, hervé moire,  yannick dauby, jgrzinich, murmer, mystified and a framework intro recorded by emanuele costantini. Thanks to Patrick for weaving together another terrific tapestry of sound. I am always thrilled to be in the mix! More links soon on this brilliant program.

Framework Radio
Resonace FM