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Interprets Practition by Colour

Interprets Practition by Colour is an unfished track by U.K. sound artist Noise Research which is reworked/remixed by numerous composers, myself included. I  found the track and the project to be really rich and stimulating. You can listen to the results here. The entire disc is  seamless and deserves repeated listens. Each composer manages to build upon the fragments and create something substantial. Definitely worth checking out.

cover art: Ian Simpson

Our Spaces Overlap-New Audio Release on EM!

I am pleased to announce I have a new release on the brilliant EM label based in the UK.

Special thanks goes to German composer Marcus Beuter for his collaboration on Journey North. To find more info on Marcus go here or here.

To listen or download the new disc go here
Special thanks to Ian for curating and supporting so many amazing artists on his label