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Upcoming screenings at the American Film Institute and Pyramid Atlantic with Sonic Circuits

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There are some very exciting screenings/events coming up. On August 29th, I will be screening a few landscape films by contemporary filmmakers  and previewing a section of my new audiovisual work shot on the Eastern Shore at Pyramid Atlantic in Silver Spring, Md. Details and program soon. On September 12th, The American Film Institute with Sonic Circuits will present a special audiovisual event with the documentary film Electro Moskva  Here is the link. I am really thrilled to be part of both events! More details soon.

Still from Deal/Chance Passages

Baoying Window at the Anthology Film Archives in NYC on 5/13/14

baoying window2

I am really happy to announce Baoying Window will be part of Lorenzo’s Gattorna’s Improbable made Possible program Farewell from a Dying Star.
The program and info are here
I discuss the film here
More on this soon.
Thanks Lorenzo and the Anthology.

Interprets Practition by Colour

Interprets Practition by Colour is an unfished track by U.K. sound artist Noise Research which is reworked/remixed by numerous composers, myself included. I  found the track and the project to be really rich and stimulating. You can listen to the results here. The entire disc is  seamless and deserves repeated listens. Each composer manages to build upon the fragments and create something substantial. Definitely worth checking out.

cover art: Ian Simpson