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Expanded Cinema for Sonic Circuits at Pyramid Atlantic-1/11/14


Margaret Rorison
Margaret Rorison is a writer, curator and filmmaker from Baltimore, Maryland.

Rorison’s work has been screened at various festivals and venues including Mono No Aware VI & VII, Brooklyn, NY; T.I.E. Alternative Measure’s, Colorado Springs, CO; 2013 Sonic Circuits Festival, Washington D.C.; Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Eyebeam, New York, NY; The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Russia; and The High Zero Festival, Baltimore, MD.

She is the co-founder and curator for a roaming experimental film series, Sight Unseen, partial member of the artist run film lab, LaborBerlin and holds an MFA from The Maryland Institute College of Art. She is also a member of The Red Room Collective and has been a member of The Maryland Film Festival Screening Committee since 2012.

Khristian Weeks
I am an artist and improviser working in the fields of sound, kinetics, assemblage, and optics. My primary interest is in the process of discovery experienced through observation and experimentation. Playing a fundamental role in my creative processes as well as in their realization is the use of silence, non-intention, and natural forces to produce self-sustaining systems of movement, sound, and optical phenomena such as shadow, caustics, reflection, refraction, and projection.

Layne Garrett works with found objects, found sounds, guitars, and self-built instruments. Recorded output ranges from assemblage-drenched americana to a new cd of improvisations on guitar and prepared guitar; a record of improvised duos (with Scott Allison, Christian Brady, Ryan Jewell, Janel Leppin, Sam Lohman, Anthony Pirog, and Jenny Tucker) is on the way shortly. Solo performances have lately hovered in the heady realm of freely improvised explorations on prepared resonator guitar and homemade light-sensitive electronics.

Unedited B/W Super 8 Projection shot by Chris H Lynn will be accompanied with a live score from Daniel Barbiero and Gary Rouzer.


Dispossessed by Julia Jin (May 2013, 7min46sec, B/W & color 16mm film, Canon Vixia HDV camcorder sounds, 76mm and 26mm lens)
This film came about because I wanted to be able to transform something private of mine into something that can be presented in a public space and medium. In order to do so, I had let go of the notion that these experiences and paraphernalia are mine, and mine alone. I had to remove my trepidation of treating footage of my family and home as footage — taking a step back and “dispossessing” the singular way I thought about this captured private space. Structurally, I tried to focus on the interaction between image and sound, and have them highlight one another in various ways. Sometimes, I think the themes are straightforward, such as evoking indoor and outdoor space, or night and day at the same point in time, but I also tried to let them mirror each other too. Perhaps the jitters from the camera of a close examination is not so different from the rumblings of a vehicle?

I recently graduated with a BA in Cinema from Binghamton University, and discovered experimental film three years ago when I stepped into a small film salon club screening. I spent most of my time there organizing experimental film screenings and working with the Bolex and HDV camcorder, understanding and appreciating the merits of both digital and film. Since then, I’ve been interested in a larger picture of how the visual media evokes and provokes the audience. How do images normalize ideology? How do they divide? How do the viewers interpret images differently through their varying literacy levels?

Kathy Rugh Staring Back (16mm, Color, Sound, 5 min., 2009)

“…[O]bjects have a certain presence. The world is full of vision, full of eyes…” James Elkins

With feelings of isolation there is a fascination with observing the objects and sounds outside these old windows.

Saturday, January 11th 2014 @ 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm
~ $10

Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD
I am venturing into the live cinema realm again-should be great!

Screening at W.O.R.K on 6/8/13 with Khristian Weeks and David Gladden


This event actually took place yesterday in Salisbury Maryland,  the link is here
I had a great time and saw two really superb performances from Khristian and David. I was actually able to screen quite a few of my films from 2007-2008-which was also really nice.
Thanks to Khristian and David for making it happen! It was a special night.

Utopia Film Festival-Urban/Rural Landscapes program 6

Listed below is this year’s Urban/Rural landscapes program for the Utopia Film Festival.

The event is on October 21 from 2pm-4pm in the Greenbelt Municipal Building, which is located at 25 Crescent Road in the center of Historic Greenbelt, Md

The whole festival is going be really worth your time-I am grateful and fortunate to have the opportunity to screen these films! More links soon!

2-4 pm
Experimental film program “Urban/Rural Landscapes 6” (approx. 90 min.) curated by filmmaker Chris Lynn FREE

1. “The Luminous Passage” by Ryan Marino-A meditation on the passage of time and light, an evocation of the season of autumn. This film was shot during consecutive autumns in New York, Maine and New Hampshire
2.”Hudson River Landscapes” by Patrick Tarrant-Recorded from a 24th floor window on Broadway, Hudson River Landscapes maps the elevated terrain of Manhattan’s Upper West Side where laborers and layabouts, while displaced from the city beneath them, and framed by the river behind them , function like secret agents in an unscripted spy drama.
3. “Broad Channel” by Sarah J. Christman. Over the course of four seasons, the nuances of everyday activity are examined along one narrow stretch of public shoreline in New York City’s Jamaica Bay. Moments of recurrence and change cycle through an ecosystem rooted in migration.
4. “Morning Fisherman” by Chris H Lynn. A piece from the Reconstructing Scenic views from Seventeenth Century Chinese Landscape Painting series. Shot at Xuanwu Lake in Nanjing, China.
5. “De Luce 1: Vegetare” by Janis Crystal Lipzin. The colors and light of a garden are transformed by Janis Crystal Lipzin’s alchemical experiments with the film material and photochemical processes.
6. “Watercolors” by Ann Deborah Levy-Colors, Patterns, and images, reflected on the surface of a pond mirror changes in seasons and weather over the course of a year to create this “painting in motion”.
7. “Underfoot and Overstory” by Jason Livingston. Local environmentalists,the Friends of Hickory Hill Park, work to protect nearly 200 acres of unique urban parkland in Iowa City, Iowa. The organization’s mission statement must be produced. The inaugural Hickory Hill Park calendar must be completed. Nature images run parallel, collide or drift beside the demands of group writing, open space and the park’s changing boundary.

china still 43-Morning Fisherman