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Cyclist on the trail-B/W Super still 55 -Sonic Circuits line-up for Saturday, March 2

super b b-w





Here is the line up for Saturday’s event:

BLK TAG are a collaborative effort between JS Adams (BLK w/BEAR) and Chris Videll (Tag Cloud) first created for Long Division with Remainders’ Collision/Detection project. Their VERSION 5 download EP was released October 2012 on Front & Follow (UK) and will be included in a 2013 CD collection of all versions and additional tracks. BLK TAG contributed to Music for Restrooms (District of Noise) and the STYLUS!BLACK!FACTORY performance at the Sonic Circuits 2012 festival. Zeromoon net label released BLK FRIDAY : TAG SALE – their spontaneous response to Black Friday consumerism and post-apocalyptic consumption – in December 2013. The pair finds influence in disparate pairings of dead media recording blanks, Peter Hammill, Wir(e), Throbbing Gristle, Coil, 10cc, Henry Rollins, Amon Düül II, György Ligeti and the accordion music of Aimable Pluchard. Additional assist on BLK TAG recordings comes from Doug Poplin (BLK w/BEAR, Bach Sinfonia), Mark Ophidian (Animals With Machinery; Crippled Black Phoenix) and PD Sexton (BLK w/BEAR). Thanks to Mark Beazley – Trace Recordings (UK) for mastering and to Justin Watson (Front & Follow) for first suggesting the collaboration. This performance marks the live premiere of BLK TAG and will include some very special guests on guitar and cello.

An ominous, brooding, industrial soundtrack to something unthinkable … Underground of Happiness [ Cork. Ireland ]


Bay Players Experimental Music Collective
The Bay Players Experimental Music Collective is a group of composers and performers whose sole purpose is the performance and advocacy of experimental music from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. We utilize traditional instruments, such as electric and double bass, percussion, trombone, piano, violin, and saxophone; voice; computers; and found objects. Our specialization is in performing boundary-pushing scores—works that showcase the use of graphic notation, indeterminacy, improvisation, installation, theater, and live electronics.

Khristian Weeks
I am an artist and improviser working in the fields of sound, kinetics, assemblage, and optics. My primary interest is in the process of discovery experienced through observation and experimentation. Playing a fundamental role in my creative processes as well as in their realization is the use of chance, non-intention, and natural phenomena to produce self-sustaining systems of movement, sound, and light. My sound work includes musique concrete, field recording, installation, and electronic, electro-acoustic, and electro-mechanical improvisation. My work also exhibits various types of movement, and reveals optical phenomena such as shadow, caustics, reflection, refraction, and projection. Pieces are presented as performance installations / interventions and as autonomous, kinetic assemblage-environments. In addition to solo activities, I create sound and light design in collaboration with dance, film/video and theatre artists.

Plus we’ll be screening a selection of recent avant garde short films in the middle of the program:
Two boys, in a harbor, talk about leaving their home and city. Although they feel they can’t live outside, when one of them remembers a dream in which they were walking inside the sea, the other reacts and takes the lead. In Portuguese with English subtitles. Filipe Afonso studied Science Information at Universidade do Porto and Cinema (editing) at ESTC – Lisbon Cinema School, between 2005 and 2010. In 2009, he studied Cinema at FAMU – Film and TV School of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic.

2. Journal of Drifting Hours by Chris H Lynn. Live projection.
Drifting moments, lyrical passages, memory impulses, landscape studies and visual notations captured on unedited super 8 film.

Saturday Mar 2nd 2013 7:30 p.m.


Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD (map)

New Audio collaboration with Amptext

The last three screenings with Sonic Circuits have been really exciting for a number of reasons:
I have been able to hear innovative and challenging works from a wide variety of artists locally and internationally, which is really exceptional. I can’t think of any other place locally where I would see or hear this work on a consistent basis (the events are monthly).
I also get a chance to screen my films(live super 8 projection sometimes) along with other great filmmakers/videographers to a very receptive and appreciative audience. Lastly, and most importantly, it enables me to meet and possibly collaborate with other artists and learn new things.
Earlier this month I posted a link to an audio/visual collaboration with the excellent Daniel Barbiero-
He created the score while I worked on the visuals.
Here is my most recent collaboration: a new audio work with Amptext
I sent him a field recording in early December and he supplied additional sounds and arrangement-
He describes the process here-
To listen
More soon.

Events this weekend: Expanded Cinema 1/25/13 in Washington D.C-Journal of Drifting Hours reel 3-1/26/13 with Sonic Circuits at Pyramid Atlantic.

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Friday, Jan 25, 2013 @crittenden
multimedia eggstravaganza in Washington D.C
Khristian Weeks/Layne Garrett w/ films by Chris H Lynn-expanded cinema-screening Super 8 Journal of Drifting Hours reel 3 and maybe 4 with sounds and light installation
Jenny Moon Tucker
Pony Payroll Bones
Slut Walk
Tangent of Safety
video by Jane Claire Remick
installation by Sarah Murphy
Dru’s homebrew on tap
1408 crittenden st nw
washington, DC,

Saturday, Jan 26th, 2013 –
Rinus Van Alebeek,
J. Surak,
Janel Leppin,
Cory O’Brien
with films by Chris H Lynn,
Stephen Broomer, and
Sarah J Christman @Pyramid Atlantic-
I will be screening live projection for this event-Journal reel 3-
Amazing line up-for both!
Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD
more soon on the films and the Artists soon!
Super 8 still 48-Journal of Drifting Hours