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Audio Visual collaboration with Una Lee

I am very pleased to present the first Audio Visual collaboration with South Korean sound artist Una Lee. The track  “A Rolling Mind appears on Una Lee’s excellent disc Grainy Thought, which was released earlier this year. More on this ongoing collaboration soon-Enjoy

Una’s link is here


New Audio collaboration with Amptext

The last three screenings with Sonic Circuits have been really exciting for a number of reasons:
I have been able to hear innovative and challenging works from a wide variety of artists locally and internationally, which is really exceptional. I can’t think of any other place locally where I would see or hear this work on a consistent basis (the events are monthly).
I also get a chance to screen my films(live super 8 projection sometimes) along with other great filmmakers/videographers to a very receptive and appreciative audience. Lastly, and most importantly, it enables me to meet and possibly collaborate with other artists and learn new things.
Earlier this month I posted a link to an audio/visual collaboration with the excellent Daniel Barbiero-
He created the score while I worked on the visuals.
Here is my most recent collaboration: a new audio work with Amptext
I sent him a field recording in early December and he supplied additional sounds and arrangement-
He describes the process here-
To listen
More soon.