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Musical Landscapes for Dog Dayz Fest at Union Arts D.C on 8/3/13

musical landscapes
Here are the details for the Musical Landscapes program this Saturday. This is a massive event so come on out to hear some great sounds and view some innovative films!

Musical Landscapes:
Locations include: Canada, China, England, and South Korea

Program 1-
Oserake and the River that Walks by Robert Robertson
‘Oserake’ is the First Nation name for the winter quarters which were set up by the river, the origin of the city of Montreal.
This music/film shows what happens to Montreal in winter, when the wilderness takes over.

Program 2-
1.Cage’s Dream by Simon Mclennan
A dance piece for the camera. Featuring Carolina Diaz – dance. Simon Mclennan film, editing and original music.

2.A Familiar Lullaby-by Una Lee-train journey is recorded by sound artist Una Lee

3. A trilogy of Summer by Chris H Lynn- ‘A Trilogy of Summer’ (2010,
2012) was filmed in China during the summer months.

The program begins Saturday around 6:30 pm-
Here are some more links to the event-
and to Union Arts-

Saturday, August 3. 2pm – 2am
Still from the film: Morning Fisherman

Upcoming events/releases/screenings-

chinasuzhou7 000641;13
I am going away for a bit, but I wanted to post some exciting events/screenings/releases:
Changeable Weather New Audio Release on Green Field Recordings-7/5/13
Three Harmonies from Suzhou screened with Sonic Circuits-7/27/13 at Pyramid Atlantic
Dog Daze Festival at Union Arts, Washington D.C August 2 and 3rd. More info soon

Still from the film Three Harmonies from Suzhou

china still: 52

Multimedia Event next Friday in Washington D.C.

Lyrics Remembered 000427;08

I am going to be screening live Super 8 projection next week with sounds by Layne Garrett and lights by Khristian Weeks. More soon

Friday, Jan 25, 2013 @crittenden

indoor/outdoor multimedia eggstravaganza

music by
Jenny Moon Tucker
Pony Payroll Bones
Tangent of Safety
Slut Walk

sound/light by Khristian Weeks/Layne Garrett w/ films by Chris Lynn

video by Jane Claire Remick

alleyway fabric installation by Sarah Murphy

Dru’s homebrew on tap

come on time, this thing can’t go late

$5 donation
the still is taken from the 2007 film Lyrics Remembered