dialogues 3

The latest dialogues with Una Lee and Daniel Barbiero has been published.  Deep thanks to both. You can view below

Score: Daniel Barbiero
Original text and narration: Una Lee and Chris H Lynn.
dialogues is an exchange of poems, letters, notes that are presented as voice- overs. Each narration is accompanied with the same landscape

Not Going Home-Audio storytelling

I was really thrilled that one of my short piano pieces  was used in Lenka Davidikova’s Homesick 2020.

This is from Una Lee’s own  label Quills that whisper which just published a special collection of audio storytelling works from six artists inspired and caused by the global pandemic of covid-19 in 2020. You can listen to this wonderful collection here-

and browse through her other releases as well, lots to discover.

exquisite corpse film


Deep thanks to Scottish audiovisual artist Sapphire Goss for initiating the exquisite corpse film and Daniel and Clara of Moving Image Artists for presenting the project on their website. Thrilled to be involved with so many other fantastic artists. Read and view it here . My little contribution is in Strand B