Augmented Landscapes on Admirable Restraint-plus some notes


Before I am off to my next teaching assignment and audio/visual project, I wanted to share a few exciting notes:
A track from Augmented Landscapes will be featured on the Admirable Restraint show in Australia-details and track list are here-
Also Augmented Landscapes was mentioned in Avant Music News in the Best of 2014 (so far) link is here
Be back in August
Still is from my work station in Normandy, France!

Augmented Landscapes: A collaboration with Daniel Barbiero released on Zeromoon









This text is from the liner notes :

Augmented Landscapes is a collaborative work melding acoustic and electronic sound elements with field recordings.

The acoustic element is provided by double bass and prepared double bass, played along a continuum of conventional and extended techniques. The electronic element, which consists in the granular synthesis of acoustic double bass performances, broadens the instrument’s sound palette to encompass varied and unconventional colorations.

When these elements are matched to the overheard sounds captured by these field recordings, a perspective emerges that is analogous to a hypothetical landscape augmented by a multiplication of dimensions both sonic and spatial. Points of reference shift as aural features constantly rearrange themselves in relation to each other, creating a series of gestalts in which figure and field alternate, blend and separate in varying combinations. Here familiar sounds mutate into something unfamiliar before becoming familiar once again.

This collaboration was released on the excellent Zeromoon label go here to Listen or download-

A few extra notes-The field recordings I provided date back to 2004 .

The cover art is a still from the film Clouds and the Docklands.

Summer Travels (Projects and Teaching)


I will be traveling, teaching, and working on various projects the next two months! Updates will resume in August.
If anyone needs to reach me-just email.
In the meantime, here is a beautifully shot video of the 82 streetcar line which ran in DC and made its way to Riverdale, College Park, and Hyattsville.
Thanks to Barbara Simon for sharing it with me.

Enjoy the summer!

Lynlee on “Spring Reverberates” the most recent Duck In A Tree Radio Show Updated with Links!

:Zoviet *France’s Radio show A Duck In A Tree has included seven Lynee tracks on their most recent program called “Spring Reverberates”
A very warm thanks to them! The program is here It will air tomorrow on Basic FM.
I will post the links to the podcast and mixcloud as soon as they are online.
Update: Here are the links to download or listen-

Go spend some time with their programs!

A Duck in a Tree 2014-05-24 | Spring Reverberates by :Zoviet*France: on Mixcloud