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Only on Saturday (Audio)

china hd 5

Voice: Hu Manrong
Text: Extract from Simon Weil’s Factory Journal
A brief note: I have been collecting some ideas and sounds related to Simone Weil’s Factory Journal for over a year or so now and this is a brief sample. Thanks to the brilliant Hu Manrong for her lovely reading of the text! This is an English translation. I am hoping to incorporate French as well.
More hopefully soon.
Audio 77

A long ride on Play Vertigo with Mayuko!

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Deepest thanks to the magnificent Mayuko for playing A Long Ride after the Rain on her Play Vertigo radio show today on WFMU ! Easily one of the best radio programs going.
Here is the link to the show and playlist. Here is the link if you want to listen-

Below is A Long Ride-

Super 8 still from the series: End of the Reel

A Thrilling Experience!

Back after three weeks in Nanjing. A Fantastic screening! Deep gratitude to Librairie Avant-Garde and H.Rong for putting this event together. Great audience and some very thoughtful questions that went on deep into the night. A thrilling experience in such a beautiful place. I will post more photos later, but this was very, very special.
Here is the link to the Librairie Avant-Garde page and description of the event, just scroll down. Text is in Chinese.
BTW-The poster is fantastic.
photo 2(4)photo 3(1)photo 3(2)